Daily Archives: September 17, 2011

 Are You A Good Person


Are you a good person?
Bet you’ve got this one figured out.
and you believe it.


Easy question you think,
the answer comes no naturally.
I’ve never hurt anyone,
never done anything really wrong.


I’ve never killed anyone,
or cheated on my loved one.
Never taken anything
that didn’t belong to me.


Be hard for anyone to
really pin anything on me.
Do my job honestly,
sure love my family.


Told a lie?
Sure, I have.
Everyone tells lies,
one time or another.


Ever looked at someone
with lust in your heart?
A fleeting sexual thought
toward that cute person walking by?


Ever wanted what a friend has;
be it house, car, or wife?
Wamted to switch out-
live someone else’s life?


Sure, I have;
done all of that,
but just because I think it,
feel it, doesn’t mean I do it.


Ever tried to be in control?
Have things your own way?
Worked hard to have things,
made someone or thing go your way?


Are you a good person?


Ever read God’s holy word?
As a man thinks in his heart
so is he.


Know the ten commandments?
Bible teaches break one,
and before Him we’ll stand
guilty of all.


Standing before the Holy God,
you’re not good in yourself, not at all.


@Wayne Augden