A Thought on Being Blessed

I came across AsiaStories – Urban Refugees through Steve Atwood’s Blog who I recommend checking out.  You know we in America have it so good.  We are so blessed in our lives.  So blessed with so much that we can’t even recognize the bounty with which we all live.  I’m amazed at how much people in other parts of the world suffer for their belief in Christ, while I have the ability to sit down in front of my computer and write about Him all I want to.  I sat in my air-conditioned bedroom, reading my Bible, after just having finished a nice lunch of chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and deviled eggs, and feeling very comfortable after having done so.

I look at my life, and then I read about these children in India, people in Bangkok, in China, in Iran, and Egypt, in Africa.  I see their suffering and it makes me so ashamed that I have it so good.  What right do I have to complain about the little things I have to deal with in my life.  Not once, have I ever been in the situations these people encounter every day of their lives.  People who suffer, even die, for what they believe, and what’s so amazing is that they’re willing to do so.  They know the price they’re going to pay for following Jesus, for spreading the Gospel, for providing food, shelter, and medicine to these people, for giving Bibles away, and for loving these people who are so desperate for what most of us take for granted.

Shame on me, for ever thinking, even for a second, that I’ve had it hard, or that my life has been difficult. Not once, in all the time I’ve been unable to work, have I missed a meal, or not had a roof over my head, not had anything I’ve needed.  No, I’ve been blessed in every way possible…

Do I want and seek God’s Forgiveness for my sins, for my attitude, and lack of gratitude, and all the ways in which I’ve failed Him?  Yes, I do, but even more than His forgiveness, I pray that He’ll give me a servant’s heart, a heart willing to go wherever, do whatever, be whoever He wants me to be…

We are so blessed here in America.  We have a zillion opportunities every day to make a difference for somebody, to share our love of Jesus Christ, to carry out His work and will in our lives and in the lives of others.  I pray to God that He make us a people willing to give as much to our neighbors, as the people I’ve read about today have to those living half a world away…


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