A Thought on Fools, False Teachers, and Education

As you know I often share things I come across that are meaningful to me, and that I think you might like too.  I know that some of you probably pass right over these re-blogs, and I don’t blame you.  Who of us doesn’t have a box full of e-mails every day to get through?  I certainly don’t blame you for skipping over mine on occasion, and if you’ve a lot to get through please don’t put me at the top of your list.  I have a great many to get through myself so know that I bear you no ill will if you should decide that what I post or re-blog isn’t the most important thing on your list.  I understand.

Still, I post them, knowing that not everyone will read them, but in the hopes that the one who needs to see it will.  There are a great many fine and wonderful people in the blogging community with a lot of valuable things to say, and there are many who I consider as close as family.  I’m sure that you feel this way about some of the people you’ve met as well.

Then, sad to say, there are some I’ve met and come across that aren’t in that category.  As you know I don’t mention names, and try as hard as I can not to give any reference to so as not to bias anyone.  Nobody deserves to have their character maligned by another.  I’ve always believed that the individual should be allowed to reserve that right for themselves by their own words and actions.  I’ve never needed anybody’s help in acting the fool.  You’d be amazed at how clever I’ve been in the past at doing that for myself! 🙂  My point is that most people don’t need your help in that department.

Saying this leaves me in a quandary.  What do you do when you see someone doing something that you know is wrong.  For the sake of moving this along I’ll qualify this by saying not wrong in the legal sense, but in the moral sense.  I know this opens a huge can of worms for a lot of people who want to question what morality is, and who gets to define it, and all that, so I’m going to make it easy.  Wrong in how I view wrong as defined by the “Word of God” and God, Himself.  So there.  Now it’s in a context that can be somewhat understood.

I could say what it was, and who’s doing it, and be done with it.  Just plop a name out there,  state they’re wrong, and let the chips fall where they may.  After all I’m a human being, over 21 (way over), and live in a democracy with the liberty of free speech (for a while longer I hope), and don’t we all have the right to express anything we want, at any time,  for any reason, without having to prove that what we’re saying is true?  Caught me, didn’t you?  You’re thinking I’m not as smart as I think I am, and you’re right.  🙂  Guess what?  You aren’t either…

I’m capable of being misled, and so are you.  So back to my point, what do you do when you see someone doing something you know is wrong?  Well, I could confront them, but confronting someone who’s intentionally doing wrong, doesn’t work.  You’ve all at one time or another caught someone in a lie, and you know what they do.  They either deny, or attack, and neither one gets you any closer to your ultimate goal which hopefully is to stop the wrong being done.  So what to do…

Well, if you’re me…you do this…


There are false teachers in this world who are in the business of deception.  They sound very wise, and on the surface sound like they know what they are talking about.  You must know that anyone can use Scripture to make it say or teach anything they want it to.  Please, please, please… be very careful in joining or participating in any online Bible study.  You must, and I repeat, must be diligent in learning the Bible for yourself.  The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible.  Never, and I repeat,  never, just take someone’s word as being a proper interpretation of Scripture without looking to see what the Bible says about it.  I’ve yet to find a teaching in the Bible that wasn’t confirmed or made reference to in another part of the Bible.  The Old Testament and the New Testament are linked and intertwined often referencing and commenting on each other.  Please take the time to learn for yourself.  Do your homework…

Any teacher of the Word of God who is truly called by God to do so is going to be more than willing to listen to your concerns, to prayerfully, thoughtfully and carefully consider and answer your questions, and will refer you to other people and sources of information that may help to clarify any questions you may have… Beware of anyone who claims to have a special revelation from God or a new teaching on something, or who tries to tell you that only they know the truth…

Understand…I did not say not to join or participate.  There is much to be gained from learning in a group setting, but you must not let yourselves be lulled into a false sense of security.  Study, ask questions, challenge those in leadership.  Good teachers will welcome and benefit from close examination…




4 thoughts on “A Thought on Fools, False Teachers, and Education

  1. Lyn Leahz

    Good post Wayne. I am still joining you in prayer on this problem here. I pray in the name of Jesus no one will be misled by these false teachers. Show the people that the false doctrines being taught aren’t true, Lord…move in these false teachers the truth, Father, Your truth..Jesus Christ, and the truth that You are coming for your children. You are coming Father, in Jesus name! To teach that you are not is not true, and to teach innocent bystanders who might not really know is so sad, Father…the people who are easily misled by Satan’s lies. Lord, I join Wayne in faith and pray that Your Holy Spirit expose these false teachers’ lies, expose them fully Father, for they are not of you! In Jesus name, I pray, Amen!

  2. Matt

    “Never, and I repeat, never, just take someone’s word as being a proper interpretation of Scripture without looking to see what the Bible says about it. I’ve yet to find a teaching in the Bible that wasn’t confirmed or made reference to in another part of the Bible.”

    Very well said!


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