My Prayer to the Father, July 31, 2012

Heavenly Father,
I come to You, Father, with praise in my heart,
To worship You, to give You honor and glory,
To give You all I have in the way of love and adoration
For all the many wonderful blessings
You have given to me.
You who have given me so much;
You who have taken me into Your bosom
Into Your very heart
And loved me so profoundly
That I cannot find the words to truly express
All that I feel and all that I know
Because of You.

Heavenly Father,
You have given me the Word of life.
You have given Him to me
In Truth, in Love, in Word, in Spirit
In Flesh.
You have given me all these
In the incarnation of Your beloved Son,
In the birth. Life, death, and resurrection
Of my Lord, my Savior
Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,
I know that You are God Almighty;
That You are the Maker
The Creator
The Sustainer
The Revealer
That You are the Beginning
And the End
And that All things, All life
All knowledge
Came from You, is in You, and is fulfilled
In You.

Heavenly Father,
I come before You knowing that I’m not worthy;
That in no way am I deserving;
Of this privilege.
I am nothing more than dust,
A speck, a tiny dot
In whom there is nothing of value;
Nothing to be looked upon
Nothing to be given so much;
Nothing to have been given everything
By such sacrifice, such Love.
You, who didn’t have to do anything;
Who owed me nothing except
Chose to give me All
You held dear
In the life of Your Son.

Heavenly Father,
How can I live with this knowledge;
Understand it with my heart
And not cry knowing the price You paid for me?
How can I know this,
knowing that even today, and
Everyday that I have lived and drawn breath,
That I have done that which
Put my precious Lord,
Your Son
On the cross to bleed and die?

Heavenly Father,
I come before You, Father, and I offer You
the only thing I can; me.
Not just the little me, the sometimes me,
The maybe me, the once in a while me.
No, Father. I offer You all of me.
I give You all that I’m capable of giving,
And I’m ashamed that it’s so little.
I beg You, Father, to grow me;
Not for my own vanity, Not for anything I may gain,
But so that I might have more to give;
More to give You,
More to give my family,
More to give my friends,
More to give my neighbors,
More to give to the stranger,
More to give to the poor,
More to give to the oppressed,
More to give to the persecuted,
More to give…

Heavenly Father,
I come to You with a plea in my heart;
A request that only You can give;
Father, I pray for Your children,
For those who are like myself,
For those who have spent the majority
Of their lives in uselessness.
Who have spent their days,
Their precious time
In the pursuit of pleasure and gratification.
Who have taken the gift,
Who have seen and beheld it’s beauty,
Who know it’s true purpose, and
Who have left it on the shelf
Only to be admired,
And spoken of.

Heavenly Father,
I pray, I plead with You to make me useful.
Not in the way of the world,
But in the way of Your Kingdom.
Empty me of all that is petty and worthless,
Of all that is dross and poor,
Until there is nothing left except that which
Is useful and pleasing to You;
That leaves only that
Which brings You great honor and glory
And magnifies Your name above
Every other name.

In Jesus name, I pray,


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