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God night

God night.  Please join me in prayer for Pastor Mike,


Our Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, on behalf of Your servant, and faithful proclaimer of Your Holy Word, Pastor Mike.  Heavenly Father, I don’t know what the issue is, but I know that You being the Supreme God know all things; indeed even know the number of hairs upon our heads, and I also know, Father, that all things in this life, no matter what they may be are outside the boundaries of Your Power to solve.  Heavenly Father, as such, I call upon You, in the name of Your Precious Son, Jesus to take Pastor Mike into Your embrace, to indwell him, with all the power, strength, and courage necessary to deal with whatever challenge he may be facing.  Make him know Father, that You are in control, that You will not allow him to fall, and that You will lead him whatever storm that is raging in his life.  I know and believe that You will set him upon the rock, that You will hide him in Your secret place, under the roof of Your pavilion, and that You will restore, and renew him.  Heavenly Father, I pray for all those reading this, that You may in turn bless them, that You will do the same for them, and that they, too, receive the same love and grace that You have given to us all.  Forgive us of our sins and our failures to uphold You.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.


From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian


When you don’t learn to say no, you end up disliking yourself, as well as the people you are trying to please.  In some cases we have difficulty saying no because we’re afraid people may not like us.  In other cases we believe that to be “a good Christian” we must always say yes.  Jesus said, “Let… your no be {a simple} no, so that you may not sin.”  Only when you have the courage to say no will you manage to mature, be able to address your own unmet needs, and start respecting yourself.  And in time, others will too.  So do these three things: (1)  Think before you respond.  If you need to, say, “Can I get back to you?”  Don’t make commitments without consulting God, your calendar, and your family.  “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you” (Jas 1:5 NLT).  (2)  When your plate’s full, say so.  Responding to so-called emergencies, caused by somebody else’s poor planning and sloppy habits won’t do either of you any good.  Limit what you say yes to, then stick with it.  Don’t take on more because you feel pressured, guilty or indispensable.  You’ll discover your only indispensable until you say no-or die!  (3)  Go with your gifts.  God has given us each unique talents.  If you’re to choose between singing in the choir, or sitting on the finance committee, go where your talents will be best utilized.  Is this always easy?  No, but unless you learn to do it you’ll end up investing too much time and energy in what seems urgent, and neglect what’s important.

My Prayer to the Father, August 2, 2012

Heavenly Father,
I come to You, Father, with a grateful heart
In sincerity, in worship and praise
Knowing my position before You
As I kneel before Your throne
In humble adoration.
You, Father, who are Spirit,
You, who have the power,
Beyond anything ever known,
Beyond anything that can be
Conceived of in my humanness.
Indeed, Father, I know that
Even when I am living
In the light of eternity
I shall never know
All that You know
And are.

Heavenly Father,
Creator of the stars, Author of their every name,
Maker of the heavens that continually
Stretch forth their boundaries into infinity
How can I ever begin to understand You?
You who have not only created the heavens,
But You who were before…
You, who made something out of nothing
For that is what defines a Creator.
You, who Your created ignore
And mock, and try to imitate
As if they can in any way
Create apart from You.

Heavenly Father,
Were it not so tragic, it would be amusing
To see how like little ants
We march to and fro in our busyness
Feigning such importance as we
March along paths made by others
Subsisting on what others have provided
Glorying in our strength and intelligence
And totally dismissing the truth
That You were there first to make the path;
That You created the source
Of our provision.

Heavenly Father
I can only think of myself and others
As being amusing to One so great.
Yet, I know Father, that You
Are not amused
As You watch from Your
Exalted place
As we scurry forth in our
Never-ending quest to make of
Ourselves what we can never be
Or achieve…You;
The true God, the only God,
The Eternal and forever God.
We who live within a thin
Veil of flesh
Composed of water, air, and dirt,
With a heart and mind
Brought to ecstasy
By such tiny contrivances
As mere men can make
When they are nothing
Of consequence to You.

Heavenly Father
How it must have saddened You
To see that which You made
Act in such a way
When You made them for so much more.
To see and to know that the shadow
Of darkness would come
To cloud their minds and hearts.
To make them simple and empty
Of the beauty
Of Your perfect Love.

Heavenly Father
That is what built the bridge
No man or woman can cross,.
How foolish we are to think
That our works, our possessions,
Our wealth and monuments
Could ever buy us passage
To eternal life.
How ignorant we are to strive,
To explore and search,
To create and build
A way…
When the way is here
Waiting to be embraced.

Heavenly Father
It is here that I lay down before You,
With tears of joy inexpressible in my eyes,
As I contemplate all that You
Have given me.
Your name is Wonderful,
And You have made my life so
Because You provided the Way
In Your Son,
In Your one and only,
My Savior,
My Lord,

Heavenly Father
This night, Father, I make a request.
Father, Glorious and True,
Make Your people brave;
Make then bold.
Make then, Father, give
What in their selfishness they cling to:
Their lives.
Make them know the truth
Of what Your Son proclaimed
That those who lose their
Lives for My sake
Shall find it.

Heavenly Father
Most of all, Make me.

In Jesus name, I pray.