From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian


Sometimes after “giving it your all,” you can end up totally drained.  Look at Elijah.  God used him on Mt. Carmel to call down fire from heaven on the prophets of Baal.  Yet he fell apart under Jezebel’s threats.  Fleeing for his life, he “sad down under a broom tree… and said, ‘It is enough!  Now, Lord, take my life.'”  The moment his focus changed from God to the enemy, he became overwhelmed.  So God spoke to him again.  This time it wasn’t in a spectacular display.  Instead, He spoke in a “still small voice” (v. 12 NKJV), drawing him aside to rest and spend time with God.  The next time the nation saw Elijah he was spiritually on top again.  So  answer this: has your focus shifted from God to all the “stuff you have to do”?  If so, you need time out, time alone with God.  When He calls you aside to rest, do it!  Vic Pentz says, “Nothing fails so totally, as success without God.”  The twofold danger in the aftermath of any success is: (1) spending too much time listening to the accolades of others; (2) presuming you have what it takes to succeed on your own.  As a result you disconnect from God, Who is the source of your strength.  David said, “The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”  (Ps 27:1).  Fearlessness is foolishness, unless it’s based on faith in God.  And one more thought: God sent Elisha to assist Elijah, and he can send the right person to help you too.  He knows what to do to get you moving again.


4 thoughts on “From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian

  1. Lyn Leahz

    Very inspiring, powerful, and thought provoking post, my brother! Thank you! The Lord always moves in you strong! You’re His feet, spreading His truths; not just through reblogs, but through your own posts too! You please Him by your obedience and your persistence against the enemy. May God always bless you fully for the love in your heart you have for Him! Go forth today boldly and proclaim His truths! You are as He describes in His word–a lamb with the face of lion! God bless you!

  2. Deborah

    Ditto Lyn!
    Thanks Wayne.
    I KNOW what my focus is,
    but cares sneak up on us.
    (Yea though sometimes they don’t even bother to sneak!)
    It makes KNOWNG and KEEPING focus difficult.
    However God is Ever Faithful.
    I don’t often have trouble sleeping,
    but 3:45 came and sleep would not come back.
    I used that time to be quiet in His Presence.
    What a joy.
    I can feel focus beginning to return.
    Thanks always for your encouragement!


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