From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian



Mark Twain quipped, “It takes two years to learn how to talk, and the rest of your life to control your mouth.”  The Psalmist prayed, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O’ Lord.”  A sin most often tolerated in the church, and sometimes even condoned, is the sin of gossip.  Jesus condemns careless words; saying they “come from an evil heart” (Mt 15:18 TLB).  And how about words we speak without considering their effect on others?  If you think God just turns a blind eye, think again!  Jesus said, “Every one…is going to come back to haunt you.  There will be a time of reckoning…take them seriously” (Mt 12:36 TM).  Your words create or destroy, discourage or inspire, heal or hurt, so choose what you say carefully.  Careless words are often just the meaningless chatter we engage in when we’ve nothing worthwhile to contribute.  And the more you speak them, the more likely they are to deteriorate into gossip and hurt people.  Solomon writes, “Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent” (Pr 17:28 NLT).  Would you trust someone who had a frivolous comment for everything?  No?  Then stop and think about what comes out of your mouth!  Would you get more respect and cause less confusion if you kept it shut?  Or were more discerning about the kind of stories you tell?  Or thought twice before you “shoot from the hip”?  The Bible says, “Let your speech always be with grace…that you may know how you ought to answer each one” (Col 4:6 NKJV).


2 thoughts on “From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian

  1. Wayne Augden Post author

    Auntie Em, I think the “tongue” is mentioned somewhere in the neighborhood of a 160 times in the KJV. It’s referenced a little less in the NIV about 140 or so. You’re right in that it’s mentioned a lot. “Unruly” is an interesting word which according to the American Heritage Dictionary means “Difficult or impossible to discipline, control, or rule.” Sounds pretty accurate doesn’t it? What believers fail to realize is that in our flesh no man or woman can control their tongue, but if we are in submission to the “Holy Spirit” and if He’s indwelling us, and we are living in obedience to the “Word of God” then our tongue can be controlled, not by us, but by the “Holy Spirit” who lives in us. A lot of times, we as Christians, excuse ourselves and our actions by failing to take advantage of the power that God has graciously given to us through the “Holy Spirit.” It’s not that we don’t have the’s that so many of us aren’t willing to align our lives with His directives and thus He, the Holy Spirit, cannot work through us to accomplish God’s desire for our lives and the accomplishment of that which He would have us do. Our success rate would go up if we lived in accordance with him (Holy Spirit.)

    Thank you for the comment, Auntie Em, and for the interest in my blog. I thank the Good and Great God above that He can use this small vehicle to work His will and desire through me in service to my Lord, Jesus….In Him, Wayne.


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