Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

My Prayer to the Father, August 13, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come before Your throne, Father,
In worship and praise
Of who You are.
Father, I look forward
To that blessed and beautiful day
When with all my brothers
And sisters
I may bow before You
And give You praise,
And honor and glory.
Oh what a wonderful day
That will be.

Heavenly Father
It doesn’t seem possible that
It could be so
That one day I shall stand
In the presence of angels
And cherubim
And I shall proclaim
And magnify You
Above all;
And oh, to think that
Right there in front of me
I shall see my Lord Jesus’ face.

Heavenly Father
It’s too far beyond my comprehension
To think and scarcely believe
That You have prepared me a place
That I will never know until
I get home, my Eternal home
All that You’ve prepared for me.
Even in my dreams
As I walk and breath the life You give
I can not fathom
The beauty, the perfection
Of all You’ve given me
Title to;
Bought and paid for
By the precious blood
Of my dear Savior.

Heavenly Father
I just want to Thank You;
I want to fall down before You
And give You all I have in
My heart
All I am
All I want to be
All I could be
All, every part of me.
May there be nothing within me
But a heart that glories
And is filled with gladness
In knowing that
My soul, forever and a day,
Belongs solely to You.

Heavenly Father
I’ve only one thing to ask;
Give us, Your children,
A vision of our eternal home,
A taste of what it will be like there,
So that we may be filled
With a great and insatiable desire
To share that
Which we have already within
Our hearts
With all who are so lost
And in danger
Of throwing away
Their immortal souls.
Father, please give us a need
That cannot be quenched
To spread the glorious Gospel
Of Your message
To anyone and everyone
We meet.

In Jesus name, I pray,