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From “The Word For You Today” by Bruce Christian


When they were slaves in Egypt, the Israelites had to pump water from the Nile River to irrigate their crops and put food on the table. Can you imagine slaving every day on an old foot pump just to get by? But then things changed for the better. God told them, “Go in and take over the land…flowing with milk and honey…not like the land of Egypt…where you planted your seed and irrigated it by foot” (vv 8-10 NIV). There’s a lesson here. You can reach a place in your walk with God where you get “off the pump and into the flow”; where you stop “sweating it,” because God’s goodness flows into every area of your life. But this promise is conditional–it’s for those who obey God: “Observe therefore all the commandments I am giving you today, so that you may have the strength to go in and take over the land” (v. 8 NIV). Obedience is like having the right access code. It enables you to make withdrawals on God’s blessing because you are walking in His will. We all want to live in the flow of God’s blessing, right? Yet too few of us do. Who are these “blessed” people? (1) Those who act on God’s instructions. (2) Those who confront the giants of fear in their life. (3) Those that refuse to be swayed by the “wilderness mentality” of others. (4) Those who have the faith to say, “The Lord…will lead us into that land…[He] will give it to us…do not be afraid (Nu 14:8-9 NIV). And you can be one of those people.


My Prayer to the Father, August 14, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You, Father
With gratefulness of heart,
In worship and praise
Of who You are
And all You have done;
For the many ways in which
You’ve blessed my life,
And guided it
Even when I had no
That it was You
Who did so.

Heavenly Father
Thank You, Father for your guidance.
Thank you for directing my path,
For placing my feet
Upon the sure ground
Of Your truth.
You direct the steps of
A good man;
His paths
Will be made straight.
I Thank You
For this promise.

Heavenly Father
Thank You for Your Holy Word;
Thank You for upholding it
Though the gates of hell
Have been opened wide
To all within
That they may assault it.
Thank You, Father
For making it indestructible;
For making it infallible,
For making it inerrant,
For making it what it is
Your truth!

Heavenly Father
You who hold all the stars
Within Your hand,
Who has all knowledge
And all power,
Who without a second’s hesitation
Could call
Countless angels to do Your will,
You who can do all things
Have chosen to do them
Through the love of your, Son,
Jesus Christ

Heavenly Father
I come to You, Father
With only one request.
Father, make Your children
See that there is only Your truth.
Father, help them to see
That Your word has been made clear,
That there is only one path.
Show them the price they must pay
To be the brothers and sisters
Of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father
There are those who mishandle
Your word.
Those who add to
And take away
And try to make it say
Things that
It will never say.
Who abuse Your Word
Who treat it
As if it were a lie,
And who deny
That it is Your word.
Father, I pray
That You will make Your children
Brave, fearless, bold
Not unlike Jeremiah.
Father, help me to remember
That You call each of us
To proclaim Your word,
And to stand for truth,
Otherwise we stand
With the father of lies…

In Jesus name, I pray,