Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

My Prayer to the Father, August 17, 2012

Heavenly Father
You, who are the eternal God
Have in Your providence
And love
Given me all that which
Is good and praise worthy,
Even my very life
And the air I
Are gifts from
Your loving hand.

Heavenly Father
It is in recognition
of who You are,
And all that You are
That I come before Your eternal throne
Of justice, holiness and perfection
To offer You praise and worship,
And to tell You that
I love you
And that there is no one
And nothing
that I desire
To put over You
Or give place
To other than You.

Heavenly Father
It is You, and only You
That is worthy of all I have to give
In the way of love
And any and all things
That have any value
To You
And Your eternal kingdom
That I shall one day
Live in.

Heavenly Father
I know You have prepared
My heart
And determined the outcome
Of my life.
How great is such knowledge,
Father, to know that
You who have made the stars
shine so bright
Have made the purpose
Of my life
To do the same.

Heavenly Father
You, who, have made all things;
Have made me
For Your own pleasure;
And, I know, Father, that
Even the wicked,
and the evil
With their purposeful intent
Are weaved
into Your intricate design
for good;
So that even what
they try to destroy
Is turned into
And Beauty,
And Love.

Heavenly Father
I thank You for showing me
That it is by Your
Mercy and truth
That my sin is purged
From my soul;
And, that it’s by my
great fear of You, the great
God almighty
That I desire, and hasten to depart
the sin
That lies within me.

Heavenly Father
I thank You for making Yourself
Known to me
For I know by Your holy word
I would not have come
To You
Had You not drawn me.
I know Father for You
Have shown me
That those who seek
And pursue peace
Shall find it
Within You.

Heavenly Father
I come to You with just
One plea.
Father I ask You
To impart to
My brothers and sisters
The knowledge You
Have made available
Through Your word
To all who seek You;
To all who desire
To live lives
Of holiness.

Heavenly Father
I ask You to convict their hearts.
Make them realize, Father
That apart from Your word
Living within
There can be no
Desire to live holy;
And, that without
A desire to live
There can be no desire
To live without sin.

In Jesus name, I pray,