Women Who Have Been Abused

Women Who Have Been Abused.  I read this post by Jeanne, and I have to tell you that it grieves me that a woman, any woman, has ever had to feel this way, or write such a thing, because of a man.  It grieves me that a man, any man, would or could stoop to treating a woman this way, and in truth I don’t think a man could.  Boys can and do treat women like this, but men, real men, know that women are a gift from God, a help mate, and a companion, and that they were made to love and to love in return.  If you’re a male understand your God designed role is that of sacrifice.  You are to give your life in sacrifice for the benefit of others, not to live in and unto yourself.  If you’re a woman know that God designed you to be that most rare and beautiful of all things created, a bearer of life, and a giver of love.  You’re not an object, so don’t let anyone treat you as if you are, and don’t act like or pretend to be one because you’ll never find true fulfillment in your life if you do.  Know and understand that God loves you, and I don’t believe He expects you to stay in an abusive relationship where you’re life is threatened and in danger.  Love yourself enough to expect the best that God has for you, and don’t settle for any less…


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