This is one of those posts I pray gets a lot of readers. I hope you’re one of them.

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Pray for your pastor.  It is our responsibility to pray that the Lord our God will guide him and give him wisdom and knowledge, fill him with the Spirit of God and give him utterance and boldness to preach and teach the Word of God to us.

Pray that the True and Living God will convict your pastor and drive him to repentance if he is guilty of using carnal methods to attract and hold carnal people.

Pray that your pastor will not forsake Christ and go whoring after the god of numbers, growth and popularity.

Pray that our sovereign Lord Jesus Christ will raise up men all over this world to boldly preach the good news of His substitutionary, sacrificial, sin atoning death for His people.

It’s time that someone begin to call the sheep “sheep” and the goats “goats”.  That’s exactly what Paul Washer does in this video.

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