This is a beautiful post… Very touching…

by Lyn Leahz, ©2012, September 17

How you keep me, O’ Lord, beneath your precious watch in the night; you know everything, and nothing can happen without your allowing it. 

The secret places of my heart lie wide open before you, and there is nothing I can deny; it is you who has personally woven every fiber of my body together with your mighty, loving hands.

When I awake in the morning from an evening of peaceful sleep; I give thanks to you first, Lord, for you have allowed my heart to continuously beat.

When I sit down at the table with my enemies gathered about me, I am not afraid because you are here; it is you who wages war against them in the heavenly places.

When I do good to my friends and foes, I bow my head low so that no one can know; because you, O’ Lord, have seen the works I…

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