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The Peaceful Wife


When wives contact me – I have to say – I cannot remember one wife calling herself “the chief of sinners.”  Most wives are like I was.  They see their husbands’ sin very clearly.  And they see that they are not feeling loved or connected emotionally/spiritually with their husbands very clearly. But it is hard to get them to admit to sin on their side of the relationship.  Most wives do not see their own disrespect – or if they do actually see it – they believe they are justified to treat their husband with disrespect and contempt because “that is what he deserves.”

Most wives want to know, “How can I make my husband change?”   “My husband isn’t being a good spiritual leader.  He’s not doing all the things I think he should to lead.”  “My husband is addicted to pornography/has a problem with lust.”  “My husband…

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