Can We Take a Moment

In the days and weeks ahead much of what happened in New Town, Connecticut is going to be analyzed and debated. People in the form of pundits, doctors, politicians, and preachers are going to be trying to use this as a platform to herald their views in an attempt to sway opinion.

Before we do that, before we jump on our bandwagons, take our positions, and make our cases can we take some time, a little time, to just think about the people involved in this horrific tragedy. Can we take some time to extend a loving thought toward those who are just now beginning to come to grips with unspeakable grief.

Can we take a moment to remember that there are many, many people who are suffering, who are experiencing pain on many different levels, and that all people no matter color or creed could benefit from the knowledge that someone cares.

So before we address the issues of evil, suffering, guns, mental illness, and all the rest of it, can we just take a moment to remember that the kindest most loving thing we can do for our fellow Americans and people everywhere is simply to love those we meet, work with, and live among with a love shown through our actions.


10 thoughts on “Can We Take a Moment

  1. Deborah

    Absolutely. The world will not take time for quiet reflections. Children of God must. Waiting on Him and in Him is the only way to peace. Thank you so much for pointing this out.

  2. Noel Williams

    I am in full agreement with you Wayne. Love is what we need. Stricter gun laws will help, but that will not stop mass shootings. If every man loves his brother as Jesus says he should love, nobody would have to worry about these horrendous and despicable acts which have become so common in our society.

  3. alwayzhis

    So right! Living for the Lord Jesus, letting our Light shine in OUR own world! Very nicely said brother Wayne.
    Praying you ENJOY your Christmas with much rejoicing and love!

  4. Wayne Augden Post author

    Thank you Stephanie for all you do and for letting your light shine so brightly. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I pray you and all my brothers and sisters in Christ will always rejoice in what our Heavenly Father has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  5. Scott Sholar

    Wayne, I can’t watch the MSNBC’s. They are horrible to watch during a time like this. They are trying to make political “hay” off of this tragedy. Praying for the parents, friends, classmates, etc. is the greatest thing we can do right now. Thank you for this writing.


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