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The Fearless Experiment

It’s the question many of us come back to…often. We want answers, to understand, to know WHY things happen. If God is loving, then why…?

“Who is this God I thought I knew? Who is this God who bids us crawl over broken glass just for the pleasure of his company?”

Recently I’ve been re-reading a Joni Eareckson Tada book about why our sufferings matter to God. (The quote above is from that book.) In her work with her ministry Wheels for the World, she’s encountered countless souls who live in conditions (including filth and rot) that we cannot imagine. The thing that keeps slapping me upside the head is this…these Christians in other countries praise and worship Jesus in the midst of what we’d view as utter misery. They WORSHIP. They overflow with gratitude and joy! How? How can it be that a woman named Ama whose floor is a straw mat and…

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