Monthly Archives: May 2013


I know you thought I fell off the edge of the world, or stopped caring, but I haven’t done either one. So where have I been, you ask? I’ve been going to college, and I’m doing it all online. 16 weeks worth of work in 5, and it’s been a load. 🙂 I’m getting my degree in Christian Ministries and Ethics” with an emphasis on “Counseling.” It’s always been a dream of mine to go to college, and to be able to do something where I could help people and get into a situation where I can get back to taking care of my family. Now, I’m on my way. I’m sorry for the long duration of emptiness here, but energy is at a premium, and I only have so much. I would like to thank you for your patience with me, and your support of my blog. I will try to bring an update and post every once in a while to let you know how it’s going. I’m in my 4th class now, and so far I’ve passed each one. I can’t say anything other than that God is a gracious God who loves me more than I deserve. I will continue to remember you all in my prayers, and hope you’ll keep me in yours as well. Love to you all.