Life Without Limits-Nick Vujici

Very good book.  Recommended for Teenagers-All people who feel their lives are too hard and can’t accomplish anything.   inspirational.  Easy to Read.

Max on Life-Max Lucado

In “Max on Life” Max Lucado answers 172 of the most common questions people ask concerning these often asked about subjects: Hope, Hurt, Help, Him/Her, Home, Haves/Have Nots, & the Hereafter.  In a sensitive, loving, and caring way Max answers some of the most difficult questions people have.  Easy to read and understand.

Battlefield of the mind-Joyce Meyer

     Joyce Meyer pulls no puches in her book, “Battlefield of the Mind.”  She’s clear, concise, and effective in communicating exactly what stops people from being productive and loving in their lives.    Her section on Wilderness Mentalities and their affect on how people live is especially interesting and enlightening.

Power Thoughts-Joyce Meyer

In Joyce Meyer’s “Power Thoughts” the sequel to her best-selling book, “Battlefield of the mind,”  Joyce finishes what she started by showing the reader how to develop strategies to defeat self-defeating behaviors.   Recommended for people who struggle with self-defeating behaviors that keep them from leading productive, loving, fulfilling lives.

In the Grip of Grace-Max Lucado

“In the Grip of Grace,” Max Lucado with gentleness, and a sense of humor describes grace.  What it is.  What it isn’t.  How we’re to live in, How we’re to grant it to others, and just what makes it the most unique and loving gift that God has ever given us.  Wonderful.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense-Dr. James Dobson

In “When God Doesn’t Make Sense”  Dr. James Dobson takes on one of the most painful and frustrating experiences imaginable for the person of faith, and it’s well said in the title.  How do we deal with experiences in our lives when God doesn’t seem to be there; when we can’t understand what happens; when, in fact, God doesn’t make sense.  This book tackles the toughest of all subjects in a sensitive, compassionate, honest way in which Dr. Dobson communicates some hard truths.  Be prepared.  Some of the material in this book is hard to read.  There were times when I cried because some of the stories were so sad. Yet, I found encouragement, strength, peace, joy, and my faith renewed through the reading of it.

The Sovereignty of God-Arthur W. Pink

     This isn’t the book for those of you who like a light read.  Within the pages of this book are deep waters.  This is a book for those who struggle with understanding God’s sovereignty and how that may work in His creation and in people’s lives.  This is definitely food for thought, but its written in a very easy to read and engaging style.  Well worth reading. 

The Great House of God-by Max Lucado

This is another in a long line of great books from a quality author.  Using the “Lord’s Prayer” as a floor plan, Max shows us how God wants to draw us near and live with Him.  I enjoyed this book very much, and it’s one of those that I’ll read again.  Great for devotional reading.  If you’ve ever struggled with wanting to be closer to God this book will help  you with that.  I highly recommend it.


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