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Brother, Sister by Wayne Augden

Brother, Sister
As your brother in Christ
I come before you
As the “Word of God” says.
I come to you, bearing you only love,
With a sincere desire to
Show you the love, and truth
That we all must live
If we are to be of any value
To the eternal God
Who has given us every
Good and precious gift.

I come to you, in sadness
For I have some things on my heart
Concerning you that are
Not easy for me to say;
Yet, must be said
For not to say them
Is to not only wrong you,
But the great and almighty God
That has called me with a
Holy calling
Into the service of He,
Who I love most,
Who is faithful and true.
My Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.

Brother, Sister
I call unto You
Remembrance of that which You have known
And experienced, and in
Time past have lived
Before all men.
You, who have tasted that
Which is most sweet,
That you have embraced
And now call your own.

What has happened to You?
Why have You turned away
From that which you used
To have joy in?
Who has bewitched you
Into thinking that You can claim
And take these things
Into your heart, mind and soul
And believe that He,
Our precious Lord can live
In concert with.
He, who has saved you
With an everlasting love
Is He no longer worthy
Of the honored place
You swore to give Him?

Brother, Sister
Why are you walking upon this path?
Where is He who leads;
Where is He who knows the way;
He who has shown You
To streams of living water;
To where you can find rest,
And partake of daily bread?
Where is his light
That I used to see leading you
Through the darkness
For I no longer see it
Shining so brightly
As once before.

Brother, Sister,
Our Lord who loves you so has
Sent me back to find you,
And has asked me to help lead you
Back to where His light shines
So brightly.
I see brother, and sister your load;
How can you carry such a burden?
Let me help you carry this.
What is this your carrying, brother, sister?
When did you begin to carry this;
And, why?  Why are carrying this?
Have you forgotten that our Lord
Said to leave that behind;
And this?  Did He not say
That He would carry this for you?

Brother, sister,
Let me put you in remembrance
Of what our Lord Jesus said to carry.
These are what
you are to carry:
Carry love.
Carry love for Him,
And for all you meet,
For love shall cover a multitude of sins
And brings light to the darkest
Of paths.
Do you not remember that He said,
Love seeks not it’s own,
But seeks the highest good
For everyone?

And where is your joy?
Have you lost it?
Where has it gone?
You used to have such gladness
No matter your circumstance.
Have you forgotten
That joy comes from
living with what we know
to be true, as a result
Of our belief and obeying
Our glorious God.

And what of your peace?
I don’t see it dear brother, sister
In you.
You do not seem content.
Have you no freedom
From worry and fear
And the troubles of this world
That oppress you.
Have you tried to carry on your own,
What our Lord told You is His
To carry?
Here let me share these with you
Till we see Him again.

You, Brother, Sister,
Who have always shown such goodness,
Who used to be so open-hearted
And generous;
What has happened to you?
You, who used to give to others
Above all they ever wanted
Or deserved.
And what of your faithfulness, dear brother, sister,
You, who are always so
Dependable, loyal, and trustworthy;
You, who were so filled with devotion,
Who were so loyal to your friends,
Who were so dependable
To meet all responsibility.
What has happened to you?
Please dear brother, sister
Share with me and
Let me help you carry
Whatever it is
That weighs you down.

Brother, sister
I pray to my Lord, God, Almighty
Let my gentleness and self-control
Be known by you.
Lord, God,
My blessed Savior and Lord
Make me humble and calm
And no threat
To this dearly beloved brother, sister.
I pray Father
That You will make them see,
That I love them;
That I live in harmony with Your will,
And that I live to do Your will.

Brother, sister
I implore you, I plead with you
Leave these things I see here behind;
Leave your anger and wrath,
And unforgiveness here.
Leave your bitterness, and resentment,
And your shame here.
Leave your longings, and strivings
For that which aren’t for you here.
Then give to me
And allow me to share,
And help carry
Those burdens of sadness and grief,
Those of hurt and disappointment;
Your pain and suffering
And let me share them.
Let me walk beside you
Dear brother, sister
Till we again see His light,
And He knows that
We are on the way.


Days of Long Ago

Days of long ago
I lived for only myself,
my pleasure, my satisfaction.
I gave heed to little,
cared little,
did little.

Then came terrible days;
dark days;
days of horror; despair.
Days of unimaginable pain,
no hope, no faith,

Then I saw the stars overhead,
The trees around me;
Creation witnessed to me,
The Creator called,
My sin became real,
So, too, the love of Christ for me.

@Wayne Augden 2012

I Just Don’t Have the Time

I Just Don’t Have the Time


I just don’t have the time
For things the way I used to.
Just don’t have the time to invest
Myself and my energy in people,
Places, and ideas that fail to produce
Much or anything of value.

I’m sorry but I don’t have the time
To invest in listening to people
Who never have anything good to say, and
Who try at every turn to bring others
Down to their level.

I’m sorry but my life is too short
To spend it in hating people who are just
Different than me.
My life is too short to spend it in trying to convince
Anyone of anything.
I just don’t have the time to get involved
With people who just can’t let other people be.

I’m sorry but I just don’t have the time
To listen to lies, to people who try to justify,
and rationalize disgusting behavior
simply because they want to.
I just don’t have the time to sit around
and groan, and moan, about all that’s
wrong in the world instead of living in wonder
At all that’s wonderful in it.

I’m sorry but I just don’t have the time
To get involved in your self-pity,
in your unending misery, in your callous disregard
Of other people and their feelings.
I just don’t have the time to listen
To people who try to keep so much of an open mind
that they can’t keep a decent thought in it.

I’m sorry but I just don’t have the time to listen
to the liberal left who scream about freedom,
but don’t have the guts to fight for it, and who
trivialize and make light of all the people who’ve died
so that they can have their precious rights.

I’m sorry but I just don’t have the time, and I’m
not going to take the time to notice the ugliness
Of people who can’t rule their own hearts with love,
and who make no effort to show any sort of gratitude
for the gifts they’ve been given.

I just don’t have the time. . . .

@Wayne Augden

 Are You A Good Person


Are you a good person?
Bet you’ve got this one figured out.
and you believe it.


Easy question you think,
the answer comes no naturally.
I’ve never hurt anyone,
never done anything really wrong.


I’ve never killed anyone,
or cheated on my loved one.
Never taken anything
that didn’t belong to me.


Be hard for anyone to
really pin anything on me.
Do my job honestly,
sure love my family.


Told a lie?
Sure, I have.
Everyone tells lies,
one time or another.


Ever looked at someone
with lust in your heart?
A fleeting sexual thought
toward that cute person walking by?


Ever wanted what a friend has;
be it house, car, or wife?
Wamted to switch out-
live someone else’s life?


Sure, I have;
done all of that,
but just because I think it,
feel it, doesn’t mean I do it.


Ever tried to be in control?
Have things your own way?
Worked hard to have things,
made someone or thing go your way?


Are you a good person?


Ever read God’s holy word?
As a man thinks in his heart
so is he.


Know the ten commandments?
Bible teaches break one,
and before Him we’ll stand
guilty of all.


Standing before the Holy God,
you’re not good in yourself, not at all.


@Wayne Augden