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Prayer for September 14, 2012

Our Father in Heaven
I come to You, Father, Knowing who You are.
You are the Eternal God
Who reigns Supreme over Heaven;
Over all the earth and it’s people.
You are the Everlasting God
Who has always been
And will always be.
You are the One and True God.
The God of Israel.

Blessed be Your name, O God.
May praise and worship be Yours,
And Yours alone, for only
You are worthy to receive
Worship, honor, and praise.
You are the God of Perfection,
Of justice and holiness.
You are the God of Love;
And there is none other.

Father, I ask that Your Kingdom come.
I know that it has come already
In the hearts and minds of Your children,
And yet it won’t be fully revealed
Until our Lord and Savior
Jesus is come to reign
As You have decreed.
Until then, Father, I pray
That we, Your children, will be
About the business You’ve called us to.
Touch our lives and our minds;
Open our eyes, and give us ears to hear
So that we might truly be able
To know and understand
All that You want us to be and do;
And to do it as willingly here on earth
As it is done in Heaven.

Father, I thank You for this day,
And for all the ones before,
And I pray Father, that You will help us all
To look at each day as Your gift to us;
As another opportunity to learn
Who we are to be, and how we’re to live,
And how we’re to love
Our neighbors, our friends, our families,
Our enemies, and You.
Father, God, I pray that You
Would show us all
That we’re to love the unlovable;
That we’re to serve those undeserving,
That we’re to support and encourage
And pray for those over us.

Father, God, I pray for those in the Middle East,
For all those people, those individuals, Your children
Who are suffering at the hands of those who hate.
Father, please don’t let us forget
That You love all people.
Help us to love those who are in the grip of evil;
Who are being used and manipulated
To bring harm and destruction
To the innocent, and
Those who have done them no harm.

Father, God,
I pray You place a hedge of protection over
All Your children.
Lead, guide and direct them, Father,
To a place of safety and shelter.
Stay the hand of those who wish
To persecute them, and send to them
Those who can bring them aid and relief
From the terrible trials
They’re enduring.

Heavenly Father,
I pray that You will be with Your people, Israel,
And I pray that You will strengthen them;
That You will give them wisdom, and courage;
And, that You will remind all nations
Of Your promise to bless those
Who bless them,
And curse those who curse them.
Father, I pray that You would use
Your children to remind
Our men and women in leadership
That to not stand with Israel
Is to stand against You.
Turn us from this path, Father,
And help us, Your children,
To restore our devotion to
Your chosen people, and to show them
Your love, and to reassure them
Of our commitment and willingness
To help and stand with them.

Father, I ask You to be with Your children
In this country You’ve blessed so much.
Father, You have blessed us, and
Made us a nation like no other.
You have made us great
As You have made Israel great,
But Father remind us
That our greatness
Came through our love and commitment
To You, and Your chosen people;
The nation of Israel.

I ask You, Father, to touch the lives
Of Your Servants in this country.
I pray Father, that You would create a fire
Within the hearts and minds of all
Those who preach and teach Your Holy Word.
Father, make us stand, and declare
Your Holy Word in all it’s truth.
Use the Godly men of this country, Father,
To remind Your children,
And the people of this nation that
You are Supreme;
That You are Sovereign, and
All powerful, and
That You are as much a God
Of justice and truth,
As You are a God of mercy and love.

Father, I ask You to please forgive me
Of my sins, and the sins of this nation.
We have sinned against You.
We have spit in Your face.
We have taken the blessings You’ve given us,
And laid claim to them as if
We gave them to ourselves.
We praise You with our lips,
But our hearts are far removed
From You, and Your Holy Word.
Father, God,
Have mercy upon us.
Restore us.
Do not let us go as those nations
Have gone who have
Come against You and Your people.

Father, God, we don’t deserve
All that You have given us.
We don’t deserve Your love.
We do deserve Your wrath;
Your anger.
For our denial,
For our refusal,
For our failure,
To stand for those things
That are precious in Your sight.
We have killed the unborn;
We have taken every form of
Wickedness and vice
And celebrate them, and promote them,
And call them entertainment.
We encourage greed
And self-worth,
And self-love,
And the growth of self
To the point where we can not
See beyond ourselves.

Father, forgive us.
Turn Your anger from us, and cleanse us.
Create in me, and our nation a new heart.
Teach us to follow You,
Teach us what it is to have faith and trust.
Show us that they are more
Than mere words,
But that they are actions
Which must be taken and shown,
And above all, lived.
Keep us from the temptations
That are all around us.
All the evil that beckons us
To turn our eyes from You,
And that stops up our ears
So that we can not
Hear Your voice.
Deliver us from the evil that
Threatens to overwhelm us.
Let us not be taken
In by clever lies,
And the praise of false lips,
And the promise of
Things that will never come.

Let us rejoice in You;
Let us glory in the fact that we
Know You, and that You
Are our Almighty God;
That Your Kingdom is even now
Being established,
And that You are and will forever
Be all Powerful,
And that Your Glory
Will one future day outshine the sun,
And we shall live in it’s light
Throughout Eternity.

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


Prayer for September 12, 2012

Heavenly Father,
I come to You, Father, in worship and praise.
You are the Eternal God.
You reign Supreme.
You are the Everlasting God.
The One and True God.
You are the Merciful and Compassionate
And Loving God.
You are Perfect and Just and Holy.

Heavenly Father,
I thank You for the way You’ve blessed my life.
I thank You for the people You’ve
Placed in my life.
I thank You for Your provision.
I thank You for Your Great and Abiding Love.
I thank You for Your Son, Jesus.
I thank You for Loving me so much
That You gave Him for me
So that I may live forever
In the light of Your Love,
Your mercy and Grace.

Heavenly Father
I come to You, Father,
And I ask You in the name
Of my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ,
To forgive me of my sins.
Father, I ask You
To change me. Take from me
All that is ugly and evil.
Restore me, Father, and wash me
So that I might be whiter than snow.
Father, there are things
In my life
That I need to let go, that I need
To turn away from.
Help me, Father, to live the life
You’ve given me
In a way that will bring
Your love to others.

Heavenly Father,
I ask that You be with the leadership
Of this country.
That You will be with our President.
I ask You to give him wisdom,
Courage and strength.
I ask You Father to surround
Him with people who
Know You, and who will give
Him Your wisdom and
Who will help to guide
Him to do and to be that
Which this country’s people

Heavenly Father,
I pray that You would pour out
Your Holy Spirit on the
People of this nation,
And that You would lead Your children
To be bold, and to stand for Your truth.
Be with those who preach Your Word.
Fill them with a hunger;
A driving need to teach and to model
What it is to be Your child.

Heavenly Father,
I ask that You be with all those who suffer;
With all those who are in pain.
Father, I pray that You might comfort
Those who are mourning.
That You would give to those who
Are struggling to live
The courage and the strength
To keep going, to keep believing;
To keep putting
Their faith and their trust
In You. 

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for September 4, 2012

Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, knowing and believing with all my heart that You are the Eternal and Almighty God. Father, I know this because Your Creation gives witness to who You are. I see You, and Your hand in so many ways, and in so many things, but never more so than in the lives of Your Children. Never is Your Glory, Your Perfection, Your Holiness, Your Justice displayed more than in the lives of those You have called to be Your children, and to be followers of He who represents all that You are without fault nor blemish in the person of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for all that we have in You; He is the reason we live under Your Grace; He is the reason You have given all that we have, and without Him we would be as nothing nor have all that You have provided.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, and I ask You, in the name of Your Son, Jesus, to be with all Your children . Father, I know that there’s nothing that You do not know. Our lives are open before You. I know You know our hearts, our minds, our struggles, the things we try to bury so deeply within that even You cannot see, and yet, Father, I know that You see all. Father, I pray that You would help all of us, Your children, to not be so afraid, but to put our trust in You, to put our faith in You. Help us Father. Increase our awareness that we have no place to hide other than in You, nor should we seek to hide from You because You have taken away all reason to fear or to feel shame. Father, God, we are Your children, and You know that we are all at different stages in our walk with Your Son, Jesus, nor do we understand at the same level all that You are, and all that You have done for us. Increase our knowledge of You; Increase our understanding so that we might truly live lives of such faith and trust that others cannot but help to want to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, and I ask You to be with all those who are suffering persecution for their love of Your Son, Jesus. Father, we’re so fortunate in this country that we can love You openly, that we can still serve You with little to fear in comparison to so many of Your children who are enduring things we’ve never had to suffer. When I think and see the many, many, people who have been killed, beaten, persecuted on a daily basis for carrying the name of my Lord Jesus knowing the terrible price they may have to pay, it makes me ashamed that I even feel the tiniest bit of fear or hesitation to proclaim my love for Him. Father, I ask You to make Your children brave and true. Help us to be the salt that You have called us to be; help us to be so bright in the way we live our lives that others cannot but see You as we go about the business You have called us to do.

Heavenly Father, I ask You to be with those who are suffering. Father, I ask You that You help them to know and understand that to suffer is an honor, a privilege, and a right of passage into Your Eternal Kingdom. Never let us forget that we, in all our pain and distress, will never suffer nor endure all that our Lord Jesus did as he bore our sins upon himself and died so that we all might live with Him. Give us the courage, and the strength to meet the trials we come under, and to endure them with such grace, that our lives are a testament to Your Love and Goodness.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for September 1, 2012

Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, knowing that You are the Great and Eternal God who reigns Supreme over all. You are the Creator, and You are the Sustainer of that which You have made. You are the Author of every beautiful and praiseworthy thing. You are the Potter, who makes the objects of Your desire as You please, to do with as You will, and I thank You for all You are and all You do. You have made Your design and laid it upon the fabric of history, upon our lives, and I pray Father, that You will help me and all Your children to know that, though we may not understand, You have made, given, and provided, all that we may ever need, and that nothing has nor will ever come to pass that is not Your good and perfect will for our lives.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I thank You for sending Him to the cross, and for His being willing to go. How I mourn that my sins were among those He carried and bore upon the cross, and yet, how glad I am that He took all that which is most vile and hateful in me, and put it to death, and that He rose again so that I might rise with Him in all that He is unto Eternal life, so that I, too, will be among those to give my Lord praise, worship, and honor forever more. Father, never let me forget, not even for a second, that my life, and all life, is about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and that so long as I have Him, I have all, and death shall never be a curse for me anymore, but only a key by which I may enter into an Eternity whereby I shall live forever in the light and love of the Eternal God who made me.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, and I ask You Father, in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to be with these petitions I bring before You. Father, there are so many who suffer, who are in the midst of pain and strife, who are facing calamity and the loss of all possessions, and indeed there are those who at this very moment our losing their fight for life. There are those who are struggling just to make it through another day, another hour, who hunger and thirst for the righteousness that can only be found in the Bread of Life, and the Living Water in the form and person of my beloved Savior Jesus.

Heavenly Father, so many, of Your children are suffering and struggling to live in this world of darkness, and I pray, Father, that You would help us, Your children, to have eyes to see, and ears to hear, so that we may know that You would not have Your children to be wandering so, to be struggling as so many of us do under the weight of burdens we were never meant to carry. Father, help us in our unbelief, in our lack of trust. Help us, Father, to lay hold of, and to make a firm grip upon He who shall never let us go. Help us to stand upon the foundation of Your truth, to rest under the secret pavilion of Your Love, and help us to know that You are our shield and our buckler, and no harm shall befall us that You cannot quell.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, and I ask that You be with Pastor Jon Cardwell, and His family, Lisa and Rachel, and with ‘Sovereign Grace Baptist Church.’ Father, I know that Pastor Cardwell is one of Your bright and shining lights, and that He has been a faithful and true witness for and of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, for his life, and for his willingness and his undying passion and desire to serve You and to faithfully proclaim Your Word of Truth. Father, God, I ask that during this time of trial, that You would be with him; that You would lay Your healing hand upon him, that You would take him into Your loving arms, and that You would hold him close, and reassure him of Your love and commitment to him. Give him Your peace, and the courage and strength to walk through this present darkness toward the beckoning light of Your love and grace. Father, I ask that You be with his family, that You would show them great love. That You will shower them with Your compassion and Your mercy, and that You would give them the strength and courage to meet the challenges they face, and that they might face those challenges in such a way as to give witness to Your Great Love. I pray that You be with the members of ‘Sovereign Grace Baptist church,’ and that You will take them into Your embrace, and that You will give them all that they need so that they might be able to do all that You have called them to do.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You be with all Your children in these dark days that are so filled with uncertainty. Father, God, I know that You are in control; that Your plan is even now being carried out, and that You have not forgotten Your people. Father, I pray for the nation of Israel, Your chosen people, and Father, God, I pray that You will remind this country and it’s citizen’s of Your promise to “Bless those who bless Your People, Israel, and to curse those who curse it,” Father, I pray that You will touch the hearts and minds of our people, and that You will call forth all that they know to be true in You, and that You would help us to rise up and proclaim Your Son, Jesus, and all Your truth throughout this land once again. Father, I ask, that You make us, Your children, sensitive to the needs of those around us, and that You will help us to carry Your love and goodness to all those who are so in need of it. Help us to support with our money, our love and our prayers those here and overseas that are being persecuted for their faith in You, and that we might never forget those who are helping and taking care of those who are less fortunate out of love for you.  In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


Prayer for Auguest 29, 2012

Heavenly Father, I come to You, humbly with praise in my heart.  Father, I praise You for being the one True God, the Eternal God of Glory and Holiness forever and ever.  I praise You for being the Creator and Sustainer of all things.  I know You are from Everlasting to everlasting.  I know, too, Heavenly Father, that Your, Son, my Lord and Savior was there in the beginning with You.  And, He, is worthy of all Praise, and Honor, and Worship, and Love, for He is Your beloved.  Heavenly Father, how can I or anyone ever praise You and not Him.  He is and will forever be what You have proclaimed Him, King of kings, and Lord of Lords.  He is God and man, a perfect man, made sin in the flesh for us, that we who believe might have eternal life through Him.  Help me, help us all to remember that He who has Your Son has life, and that without Him, we do not know nor have You.

Heavenly Father, I come to You tonight, Father, and I wonder why it is that my prayers always feel so dry and empty.  Sometimes, I don’t feel like I know You, and it grieves my heart.  I know what Your Holy Word says, and I believe…I know that Your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, and not for mine only, so why do I feel so inept, so unable to fall on my knees and give You that which I can’t seem to find a way to say other then when I’m writing?  Lord, God, what is it about me that I can’t give You what I want to give You.  Words spoken from my mouth…they don’t come.  Heavenly Father, if there’s anything in me that isn’t right in your sight, I ask You to please show me what it is, and remove it from me.  Don’t let me continue to live another day, another moment, in which I feel like I’m of no use to You.  Oh, why, Father, can’t I just pray, can’t I just kneel before You in the dark and talk to You?

Sometimes, I get so scared, Father.  I want to love You so that You know how much I love You.  I want to give You worship.  I want to praise You.  I want to give You my all, and yet when I’m alone I can’t seem to give You anything that’s of any value.  Why?  Sometimes, I feel like I’m that person You talk about in Your Word who does everything in public for their own ends, but I don’t want to be that person.  Oh, Father, You know my heart, please show me that You know my heart, and let me know that You know I’m not for myself.

Heavenly Father, I’m sorry…so sorry.  How I long to be free of this body.  Sometimes I feel like I sin all the time.  I want to be pleasing in Your sight, and I want to do those things that please You and make You happy with me, and yet I know that in and of myself I can do nothing that pleases You.  That’s why I love my Jesus so… Isn’t that why He came, to die for me, so that I wouldn’t have to please You, so that it wouldn’t be me You see when You look at me?  Why must I be this way?  Please Father, just once, let me pray to You, and for You alone.  Let me be thankful, for my Lord and Savior, Jesus…alone.  Is it so wrong to just want to be able to be with You, to talk with You, and not to have it known by others?  It’s not that I don’t want other people to know You, or to know Your Son, but why must I write to You, and pray to You in this way?

Heavenly Father, I don’t know what to say.  I’m at a loss as to what to do…  I know what I deserve, and I know what I have coming, and yet, Lord God, I don’t want to live apart from You in hell.  Why Father, do I have such doubt at times such as this?  I know Father that You sent Your Son to die for me, for my sins, and not for mine only, but for all Your elect’s sin.  I know that Jesus is real, and that He loves me.  Why do I have to go through times like this.  I don’t understand.

Please Heavenly Father, forgive me.  Forgive me for my doubt.  For my not trusting You with all I have and am.  I’m trying.  I’m trying so hard to give You what You want from me.  Make me Yours in every way.  Please take from me everything that doesn’t shine for You, that doesn’t make You appear in all Your glory and honor, and that doesn’t bring witness to Your Son, Jesus.  Forgive me, please, for everything that I’ve done in my life that didn’t bring You all that You’re so worthy of, and for the shame I’ve caused my Lord.  Help me to not be a speaker of words, but a doer of them.  Let me live my life in giving You my all, and doing all that You would have me do…

Heavenly Father, please, please, I ask You according to all that You are, be with those who are suffering this night.  Father, for all those who are struggling…For all those who are fighting for their faith…For all those who are in mourning…For all those who are trying to deal with adversity, and strife, and sorrow, and illness and pain, and every single cursed thing that keeps Your people from being all that You have called them to be.  Father, I pray that You would shower Your every child with Your Love and goodness.  That You would give them the strength, the courage, the desire, to keep going when all around them seems so bleak.  Give them a love that wills to do in the face of the impossible, and most of all, Father, help them to look toward Your Son, Jesus.  Help us all to look to the cross, Father, when we doubt, when we struggle, when we come to You with our questions of why, and then help us to know that You do know us, and that You know our hearts, and that’s why Your Son came…In His precious name, I pray, Amen.

My Prayer to the Father, August 25, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You, Father in humbleness
And praise for all that You are,
And for all that You have done.
You are the great and eternal God
Who reigns on high,
forever and ever.
You are the Author and the Creator,
And all things worthy
And deserving of praise
Are from Your hand.

Heavenly Father
You have made us in Your image;
You have made us to be people
With the capacity for thought
And the ability to feel,
And for these gifts we thank You
For without them
We would have no knowledge of You,
Nor be able to feel such love for You.
These are the gifts
Whereby You have made known
Unto man
All that they encompass
In Your Son
Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father
With what love You love us;
With what mercy You treat us.
How would any of us
Endure but a second
Life in the darkness of this world
Were You not to show us daily
Who You are and what You
Do for us.
Who of us could within ourselves
Wake and start breathing on our own?
Could awake and begin our day
And see the sun rise
and the sun set
Apart from Your desire
That we should do so.

Heavenly Father
In the midst of this world
Corrupted by sin
Let us never forget as Your children
That You have not forsaken us,
That You have not left us comfortless,
That You are not beyond us.
Help us to always remember
That we are never beyond Your
Love, Grace, and forgiveness.

Heavenly Father
I come to You with just one plea.
Father, help Your children
To remember and never forget
That we are just that,
Your children.
That we are not capable of
Walking this earth alone;
That indeed we are not even
Capable of thought
And feeling
In ways that honor You
Apart from Your Spirit.

In Jesus name, I pray,

My Prayer to the Father, August 21, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You, Father
Knowing that You are the Great God;
The Eternal God.
That You are defined
And Truth,
And that these are all
You are all these things.

Heavenly Father
How little we know of You;
With what arrogance
Do we presume upon You.
To think with our finite
Minds that we
Can understand You
Or think we should ever
Be able to know
All You are.

Heavenly Father
My prayer is a simple one
But one I feel we all need.
Father, I ask You
To help my brothers and sisters
To know:
That Your love is bigger,
Wider, deeper,
Than we can ever imagine;
That Your mercy
Extends beyond
What we are
capable of receiving.
That Your compassion
Knows no bounds;
That Your forgiveness
Is available
To anyone who
Sincerely desires it.

Heavenly Father
Let us never forget
That You are Just.
That Your justice
Is as big, wide, and deep
And Your eternal love.
That without Holiness
We shall never see You.
And most of all,
That without Your truth,
As You have decreed it
We shall never
Know You.

In Jesus name, I pray,

My Prayer to the Father, August 20, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You, tonight, Father
In gratitude for all that You are,
And for all that You have done.
You, who, have nothing to prove,
Have shown all,
Have given all,
Have offered all
And it is with thankfulness
Of heart
That I bow down in worship
To give praise and honor
To Your holy name.

Heavenly Father
It is my privilege to come before You,
A privilege given to me
By Your great love,
Bought with great price,
With the precious blood of
Your dear son, Jesus.
I have not nor will ever
Earn it, or be able
To pay for it.
I can only take
And accept it.

Heavenly Father
I pray Father that all
Your children might know
This one truth
Above all others.
Your love
Is a gift.
Freely given,
Freely received.

Heavenly Father
I pray Father that You will
Make us all to know
That Your holy word
Must be spoken in truth
But also in love.
That Your love
Should be tender
And gentle
And patient
And kind
And yet steadfast
And strong.

Heavenly Father
I pray that You will not make
Our love weak
Or soft
Or yielding
Full of acceptance
And correctness…
Let our love
As You have decreed;
And honest.

In Jesus name, I pray,

My Prayer to the Father, August 17, 2012

Heavenly Father
You, who are the eternal God
Have in Your providence
And love
Given me all that which
Is good and praise worthy,
Even my very life
And the air I
Are gifts from
Your loving hand.

Heavenly Father
It is in recognition
of who You are,
And all that You are
That I come before Your eternal throne
Of justice, holiness and perfection
To offer You praise and worship,
And to tell You that
I love you
And that there is no one
And nothing
that I desire
To put over You
Or give place
To other than You.

Heavenly Father
It is You, and only You
That is worthy of all I have to give
In the way of love
And any and all things
That have any value
To You
And Your eternal kingdom
That I shall one day
Live in.

Heavenly Father
I know You have prepared
My heart
And determined the outcome
Of my life.
How great is such knowledge,
Father, to know that
You who have made the stars
shine so bright
Have made the purpose
Of my life
To do the same.

Heavenly Father
You, who, have made all things;
Have made me
For Your own pleasure;
And, I know, Father, that
Even the wicked,
and the evil
With their purposeful intent
Are weaved
into Your intricate design
for good;
So that even what
they try to destroy
Is turned into
And Beauty,
And Love.

Heavenly Father
I thank You for showing me
That it is by Your
Mercy and truth
That my sin is purged
From my soul;
And, that it’s by my
great fear of You, the great
God almighty
That I desire, and hasten to depart
the sin
That lies within me.

Heavenly Father
I thank You for making Yourself
Known to me
For I know by Your holy word
I would not have come
To You
Had You not drawn me.
I know Father for You
Have shown me
That those who seek
And pursue peace
Shall find it
Within You.

Heavenly Father
I come to You with just
One plea.
Father I ask You
To impart to
My brothers and sisters
The knowledge You
Have made available
Through Your word
To all who seek You;
To all who desire
To live lives
Of holiness.

Heavenly Father
I ask You to convict their hearts.
Make them realize, Father
That apart from Your word
Living within
There can be no
Desire to live holy;
And, that without
A desire to live
There can be no desire
To live without sin.

In Jesus name, I pray,


My Prayer to the Father, August 16, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come unto You,
And bow down before Your throne
To give praise and worship
Unto You who are ever
Mighty and strong,
Faithful and true,
And always love.
You are the Creator;
The Author,
You are Wonderful, and
You are from
Everlasting to everlasting.

Heavenly Father
Thank You for Your Son,
Jesus Christ,
My lord and Savior.
Thank You for Your great love;
A love that was so strong,
So true
So giving
That through it
A fallen world, and
A fallen people
Could be redeemed
If they so chose
Simply be speaking the name
Of Jesus, and by
Believing and trusting
That He was and is
All He claimed
To be.

Heavenly Father
Tonight, my prayer is
Simply for my
Brothers and sisters
To live in total submission
And obedience
To Your call upon
Their lives.
I pray Father that You
Will help them
To live
In such a way as to bring
Great glory and honor.

Heavenly Father
I pray that You will make
Each of
My brothers and sisters
People who will stand for Your
To every single person
They know and meet…

In Jesus name, I pray.