Prayer Requests

  Please give a brief description of your prayer requests, and the date of your request.  Please do not provide personal contact information on this page.  If you wish to provide an e-mail address where you may be contacted that’s up to you, but please do so through a third party site such as Yahoo.  I will keep your requests until you feel it’s been answered, and you ask me to take it off the list.  Please be considerate and carefully examine your requests in the light of God’s Word.  If you feel led to help someone on this list please remember that it’s your responsibility to act with discretion and at your own risk. I reserve the right to take anyone off this list at any time at my sole discretion.  Remember Jas 5:16-Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availth much.



83 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Wayne Augden Post author

    by Drusilla Mott

    Please pray for my son. He had shoulder surgery February 14 for a complete labrum tear and a partial rotator cuff tear but it is not healing. He is in a lot of pain still, and at times his shoulder feels hot to the touch. He had been running a fever a couple weeks ago but not sure if he still is. The doctor does not know what is wrong, but is hesitant on doing another operation. Injected cortisone Friday but as of 5:30 Eastern time, it was not working. If it does not help, an MRI is next and most likely another surgery to see what is wrong and fix it. He will be out of work another six weeks and is afraid of losing his job. He is also having really bad dreams because of the meds he is taking.

    Please pray for healing, a lessening of pain and comfort as he continues to struggle. Pray for the Lord’s protection as he sleeps, a lessening of the dreams so that he can sleep peacefully. I want to ask for prayer that he does not lose his job, but should pray for the Lord’s will as far as his job is concerned. Thank you.
    Drusilla Mott | June 9, 2012 at 6:15 AM

  2. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Request by Wayne Augden

    Please pray for my family. The relationship between my siblings and parents has splintered, and they’re not talking, or having anything to do with each other. I’m praying God will heal our fractured family. Thank you.

  3. Wayne Augden Post author

    Please pray for this kind lady, her husband, and children.

    A Sad Day
    June 11, 2012 at 5:52 pm (Marriage)

    I’ve thought about it, and I think honesty is just always the best policy.

    Over the last week, I’ve had to set boundaries about what I can and can’t take around me. And because of this, Chef has to leave our home. I still love him very much, but the pain of what is going on is too much for me to deal with on a daily basis, and so I’m having to liquidate the things in my home so that I can move back to Texas and start again. I don’t own much, so it shouldn’t take long.

    Please don’t think less of Chef or me. In the end, maybe God has a solution in mind, and maybe this is just a part of it. But lately, we don’t bring out the best in each other…only the worst. And while true love actually still exists, it really isn’t enough. Love is about putting someone else’s needs above your wants, and lately priorities have just gotten mixed up.

    Please pray for me, and for Chef, and for my poor children.

    Thank you.

    – Bird

  4. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Requests by Wayne Augden

    Please pray for my friend Jill Wigley. She’s moving to another state to be closer to her family, and will be needing a job. Pray that God will open a door for her. Thank You,

  5. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Request for Scott Sholar
    June 15, 2012

    In my lifetime, I have used many means to request prayer, and the Lord has answered those petitions in miraculous ways. I have not, however, used this blog to send out a prayer request, but I am now. Sometimes, when one gets desperate enough, “you will use all means possible.”

    I have experienced several car accidents over the last two decades, six in all. These vehicular “rear enders” have done much damage to the cervical vertebrae (neck) of my spinal column and several physical impairments have resulted.

    First of all, in 1995, I began to have “spells” of fatigue and extreme tiredness. I was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL where I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    But in the last few years, my condition has worsened. I, now, have a real struggle with balance, coordination and some slurred speech. It has been, to say the least, tough at times. But I am not discouraged.

    I have been looking at Scriptures on healing for the last three days in my personal devotional time, and they have been inspirational: James 5:15, Psalm 103:3 and 1 Peter 2:24. Jesus paid for our healing at Calvary.

    So I am asking all of you who follow this blog to pray for me to be healed of these injuries. Also, if you feel led by the Lord, re-blog this post or send it as a link to those who you know to have great faith. In addition, if you felt led to use facebook, twitter, etc. that would be great. All I can say is, “thank you and God bless you.”

  6. Deborah

    Wayne~ May God bless your every place of need. Both physical and spiritual. Please know two things; One, you are blessing many lives in your choices for this blog AND Facebook, and two, you are being lifted in prayer daily. Our Father in Heaven knows what we need before we have need of it. Of this I am confident.

  7. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Request for Caitlyn. Just keep her the beloved and special young lady You created her to be, and restore her family with the love and peace they need. Thank you.

  8. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Request – Please pray for the following – Thank you.

    A serious prayer request has come to my attention.
    I am quite sure you have noted it too,
    or may even find yourself needing prayer for it yourself.
    It keeps coming back, so Intercessors, we need to pray hard in
    our understanding and in the Holy Spirit as well.
    The enemy of our souls has been attacking in many areas.
    Many areas are difficult, but one, if destroyed,
    will allow the rest to crumble.
    Specifically, we need prayer for the Mountain of Family.
    I am not even speaking of family for non-Christians.
    A few examples being divorce in families that know better,
    have loved and followed the Lord for years,
    giving in to the deception that all would be better apart.
    Families where husband and/or wives have just given up,
    exhausted by the fight.
    Children in these marriages being shredded by things that they have no control over.
    Another example; a pastor and his extended family not speaking with other family
    members because of a difference of opinion.
    How can this pastor and his family even minister God’s unfailing love if they refuse to
    reconcile with their family?
    One more example, children who are making decisions contrary to what they have been taught,
    believing that their right to choose sin will not harm them.
    They are swayed by the media at every turn.
    With parents struggling with “grown up” issues,
    they get their help and advice from their peers,
    from every place but the right place.
    Please pray as you are led.
    God has given us the victory, if we will only receive it.

  9. Wayne Augden Post author

    Prayer Request for Viris – Cancer – Mother-in-law of Keri Williams – Pray for the family involved for courage, strength, and peace through this difficult time. Thank You.

    1. Keri Williams

      Thank you for your prayers–as an update, she’s been given less than 2 months by the doctors. My husband is leaving for Canada tomorrow with our youngest child, who she has never met. I am glad my husband will have the opportunity to see her again before she passes away since he hasn’t seen her in about 8 years. Again, I appreciate your prayers for a peaceful and dignified passing from this life into the next.

  10. Wayne Augden Post author

    Praise report. Hazel Troop’s health is much improved and doesn’t have to return to the Doctor for 3 months. How great is our God? He is the greatest to His eternal glory.

  11. Wayne Augden Post author

    Please pray for Bob & Ollie Johnson. Dr.’s appointment on Tuesday concerning Bob. He has Alzheimer’s disease, and is very bad. Please pray God’s will be done. Thank you.

  12. Wayne Augden Post author

    Please pray for Roy Thomas. He and his family have lost someone very dear, and she was a beloved friend and mentor in my life. She has gone home to be with her Lord. I praise Him and give Him glory for the precious life He has received unto Himself. Thank you.

  13. Wayne Augden Post author

    Please continue to pray for the Roy Thomas family who lost a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, in Gussie Thomas who is now in Heaven with our Lord. Thank You.

  14. Wayne Augden Post author

    Please pray for Nancy Christi – Cancer of the mouth – will be in the hospital 5 to 7 days, with 4 to 5 of those with a feeding tube in her nose – nothing but soft foods for a month, and looking like 3-4 months before this ordeal will be all over with… Please pray for strength…. Thank you.


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