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From “Morning and Evening” by C. H. Spurgeon

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.”  – Eph_3:17

Beyond measure it is desirable that we, as believers, should have the person of Jesus constantly before us, to inflame our love towards him, and to increase our knowledge of him. I would to God that my readers were all entered as diligent scholars in Jesus’ college, students of Corpus Christi, or the body of Christ, resolved to attain unto a good degree in the learning of the cross. But to have Jesus ever near, the heart must be full of him, welling up with his love, even to overrunning; hence the apostle prays “that Christ may dwell in your hearts.” See how near he would have Jesus to be! You cannot get a subject closer to you than to have it in the heart itself. “That he may dwell”; not that he may call upon you sometimes, as a casual visitor enters into a house and tarries for a night, but that he may dwell; that Jesus may become the Lord and Tenant of your inmost being, never more to go out.

Observe the words-that he may dwell in your heart, that best room of the house of manhood; not in your thoughts alone, but in your affections; not merely in the mind’s meditations, but in the heart’s emotions. We should pant after love to Christ of a most abiding character, not a love that flames up and then dies out into the darkness of a few embers, but a constant flame, fed by sacred fuel, like the fire upon the altar which never went out. This cannot be accomplished except by faith. Faith must be strong, or love will not be fervent; the root of the flower must be healthy, or we cannot expect the bloom to be sweet. Faith is the lily’s root, and love is the lily’s bloom. Now, reader, Jesus cannot be in your heart’s love except you have a firm hold of him by your heart’s faith; and, therefore, pray that you may always trust Christ in order that you may always love him. If love be cold, be sure that faith is drooping.


My Prayer to the Father, July 30, 2012

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
I come to You, Father, in humility, in faith
Knowing Father, that I can have confidence
In You.
Understanding and acknowledging that
I have the privilege of coming
Before Your throne
Not because of anything I’ve done
Or will do; but
Because of what Your Son, my beloved Lord
Has done for me.
Heavenly Father,
I look at the world around me.
This world with all it’s evil.
It seems to me the whole world,
And all it’s inhabitants
Are only out for one thing
and it would be too much
If I couldn’t look at Your creation,
And know that You who have
Created all, sustain all as well.
Heavenly Father,
I know that You are above and beyond all.
That You, Father, are from
Everlasting to everlasting;
That You have always been and will always be.
No matter what man may say
Or proclaim
From his little place on this little rock
He lives upon.
You, Father, who in Your
Amazing love and grace
Have allowed a place
For him to dwell.
Heavenly Father,
I thank You, and I’m so indebted to You
For so many reasons, but the greatest of these
Is Your Son, My Lord, my love,
My Savior, For Savior He is
To me, and to all who know
That we can’t save ourselves.
For those of us who know our state
Before You.
Heavenly Father,
I come before You on behalf of  a
People You have called to be Your own,
But who in sinful, selfishness cannot see
Beyond themselves.
Who even standing in the light of
Your truth
Remain blind and ignorant
Not because Your truth is not readily seen
But because in doing so
They see who they really are
And what they truly amount to.
These who call upon Your name;
Who claim Your son
Who call Him Lord; but
Who refuse His call upon their lives, and
Who ignore His commands, and
Who live unto themselves,
And yet proclaim to be
Heavenly Father,
I call upon You.  I implore You
To awaken Your people,
Yours who You have claimed,
Who You have set apart
And made Your special possession
And call Your own.
Father, I pray You will awaken them,
That You will show them
That life in You is not within
The confines of our finite bodies
With our petty aches and pains
Our problems and struggles,
But in Your Son Jesus.
Heavenly Father,
How we need You.
We are desperately in need of teachers, leaders
Who can help us to see into eternity.
Who can show us that there is so much more beyond
This present, temporary life
That we think so much of, and
Call our own as if had anything to do
With our being here.
We strive, cry and pursue
For all those things in this temporary world
That are already ours in You
Through Your beautiful Son.
Heavenly Father,
Help us to realize we have all we need in You/
Help us to know and to trust in Your provision,
Help us to be confident in our place and position
Before you
Bought and paid for, secured for us
Through the precious atoning blood
Of Your beloved Son
Of our beloved Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.
Forgive us our sins, Heavenly Father,
Forgive us for our lack of love
Our lack of diligence
Grow in us these things
By whatever means necessary
So that we may know their
True worth in Your eternal Kingdom

No matter how old you are – you live

Sometimes something comes along just when you need to see it such as this No matter how old you are – you live (Be sure to watch the video it isn’t long).  I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe that there are any such things as accidents.  I think I was meant to see this.  As a matter of fact, I think every single thing and person I meet is by design. While I’m on the subject, I’ll just say this.  I’ve never understood the theory of randomness, never understood how people can believe that there’s order in the universe and on our planet, and yet deny that it’s kept and maintained by someone.  Probably the reason I don’t understand it is because I never got through college, didn’t even get through high school.  All I ever did was read, talk to people older  and wiser than myself, and read my Bible.  Now, I’m not knocking education.  But, I do knock those who try to teach opinion and prejudice over fact.  I knock those who try to pervert truth by making it something that’s inconvenient and a matter of choice and perception over reality and fact.  I knock those who try to take accountability and responsibility out of all institutions and organizations by trying to make people who believe in them seem old-fashioned and out-dated.  And I could go on, but I’ll stop here…..and for those of you who are wondering: Yes, you can be a Christian and still have an opinion, still know the truth, and have the right and authority to speak it.  (Sorry I got wound up)

I just needed to see and know that it’s not too late for me to do something worthwhile with my life and for Christ.  I thank the author of this blog for the video he posted on it.

From “2000 Bible Illustrations” selected by Wayne Augden

     Just a gentle reminder of why it’s important to keep Christ as our focus. 


Keep Christ Central in Christmas


It is a principle of art that in the composition of a picture, all the parts shall be so arranged as to lead the eye inevitably to the central figure or feature. Whatever prevents this is a capital defect. Accessories are only important as they help this end.


When Varelst, the Dutch painter, made his tulips so glorious that they drew attention away from the face of James II, in whose portrait he had placed them, he violated this canon. So did Haydon when, in his picture of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, he made the figure of the beast on which the Master rode more attractive than the person of Christ.


So does the theologian or the metaphysician or the logician, who fascinates by his argument and rhetoric, or the preacher and liturgist, who stresses his forms of worship and symbols of religion.


It is not the swaddling-clothes of ceremonialism, but the Christ of the simple gospel story consistently lived, that shall span the continents with love and make Christmas perpetual in the heart of man.