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My Prayer to the Father, August 1, 2012

Heavenly Father,
I come to You, Father, with a grateful heart,
A heart filled with Love and devotion,
A heart that adores You, and longs to give You
The worship and praise that You are so deserving of.
A token, a mere trifle
In comparison to the glorious blessings
You’ve bestowed upon me
And all of Your people.

You, Heavenly Father
Who have given us such wonderful, indescribable gifts,
Who have given us all;
All in the sense that we can’t even imagine or understand
What All this little three letter word can contain.
You, who, in your Love and mercy,
Have given us riches we yet to know,
And have given us the key to eternity.

Heavenly Father,
Who is above You that I should give him heed?
Who is beyond You that I should seek?
Who has given so much,
Made such an unimaginable sacrifice?
Only You, Father?
Yes, Father, only You…
Yet, You, the Glorious Incomparable You,
In Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
You, who have in every way
Have provided us all that we could ever need
All that we could ever want.

Heavenly Father,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
How little these two words can express what I feel,
How little all my words, all my words,
Convey all that I feel and think about You,
And yet they are all I have
And I know Father, how far they fall short
In their expression of what I feel,
And what I wish to give You,
And what You so richly deserve.
How can anything I speak be pleasing to You?
How can my words in any sense
Make a whit of difference to You?
No, Father, it’s not my words I know that
You so long to hear
For they are as a tinkling symbol
And sounding brass.

Heavenly Father,
I know what You desire for You have told me
For You have shown me time and time again,
And it’s all that You require;
That I should Love You with all my
And Strength.
Yes, Father, I know what You desire,
And I know equally well
Heavenly Father
That by myself, and in and of myself
I’m incapable of giving You this.
And, I know Father,
That left to my own devices, to my own
To all that I have in the way of
Heart and mind
That it would not draw me an inch closer
To You.

Heavenly Father,
That is why I come before You now
On bended knees, with arms outstretched
And tears flooding my eyes.
My heart overflowing with all I know of Love
And adoration, and reverence.
Because I know, Father, that You, only You,
In all that You are
From the very beginning, from the depth of nothing
Had me in Your thoughts,
In Your plans,
In Your heart.
And, that is why You, in and of Yourself
Provided that which I could never provide
A way, a bridge,
To carry me from the depth of my darkness
Into Your glorious and eternal light
In the form and person of
Your precious Son
My beloved Love and Savior
Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,
It is He who is my All.
He, who represents Everything.
This world in all that it is,
Can in no wise
Even should it have no spot upon it
In the way of greed,
And self-glorification
ever come close to showing
Who, He is in all His perfection,
In all His glory.

Heavenly Father,
It is because of my Jesus
That I have hope, that I have certainty of
A brighter tomorrow,
That I have hope that this darkness
That threatens will not overshadow me.
It is His presence in me
That sustains, that encourages,
That gives me strength,
That indeed gives me all that I need
And could ever want
In the way of
Love, and Mercy,
Justice and compassion,
In and all things that I might have need of
Can be found in He
Who wore the crown of thorns for me.

Heavenly Father,
I come to You with a plea upon my lips,
I ask Father, that You shower
The family I’ve been given with all that You are.
The family that has grown in the realm of
Your love and Grace
To include all that I’ve come to know,
To each and every person I’ve encountered,
To all who have blessed me with Your presence.
To all who have shown me in countless ways
And expressions what it is,
And what joy inexpressible it is
To receive that which is most dear
A pure, and tender Love
That knows not of self,
But much of You.

Heavenly Father,
I pray that You give them all grace,
That You strengthen their hearts and minds,
That You renew their courage
And reenergize their faith,
That You make them bold and relentless
In their quest for truth,
And that You may give them a lion’s voice
To shatter the complacency of those around them
Who in their search for self
Will lose all.

Heavenly Father,
I pray You place Your healing hand
Upon the sick, the ill, the chronic suffer of pain,
Those who have tasted eternal torment,
And who are weak in body, but mighty in love.
I pray You strengthen them
As only You can,
That You show through all who Love You
What can be done, what can be accomplished
Through those who will
Lay it all aside and give it all to You,
All in the way of pain,
Of loss,
Of heartache,
Of longing for anything other than You,
And what can be had
In the way of Life, and Love, and Spirit
When all is surrendered to You.

In Jesus name, I pray,


From “Goszner’s Treasury” by Johannes Gossner

     The mouth and the heart.  There’s a big connection between the two.  Too many of us fail to realize that our mouths too often speak what is in our hearts.

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. Pro_23:26. Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts. 1Pe_3:15. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Mat_5:8. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Mat_12:34.


To give one’s heart to God means to preserve one’s heart pure from everything which is not God; to cling with one’s heart to naught but God and Christ; to have the same will as God; to delight in everything in which God is well pleased, and to shun everything that displeases God. He who is ever filled with God, filled with love to Christ; who in all things is led and constrained by love to Jesus only, who does not ask, “What will the world say about it?” but who asks, “What does my Beloved wish? What does the God of my heart delight in? What is His good pleasure? How am I best to find the will of God?”, he sanctifies God in his heart. He who does not permit himself the slightest unrighteousness, not even things permissible, though he gain the whole world thereby, because he knows that God, Christ, does not wish it, or is unwilling that it shall be done, has given and sanctified his heart to God: his heart is pure; such a heart sees God. He whose heart is filled with love to God, can not with his lips give utterance to anything which is not of God. The mouth is the betrayer of the heart. But it is also often a deceiver and a liar; for in the hypocrites it can speak of God and of love to Christ, while God and love to Christ are not in the heart. Yet not always. The mouth betrays at times that which dwells in the heart, because the mouth of those who are not on right terms with God in their heart, is changeable and does not always say the same thing.


Lord, in ceaseless contemplation
Fix my thankful heart on Thee,
Till I taste Thy full salvation,
And Thine unveiled glory see.