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A Thought On Asking “Why”

Unfortunately we live in a world of injustice. We see it all the time, and it’s easy to wonder why there’s such injustice in the world, and why it’s allowed to continue. I don’t know about you, but my thirteen year old girl constantly reminds me that life isn’t fair. She’s right; it isn’t. To be honest, I’ve even echoed that thought in my own mind and heart, and I admit to having asked the question “why” more often than I care to let anyone know. I’d say that if there’s one question that’s universally asked it’s the question of “why.” We ask in a variety of ways. Some of us shout it, some of us cry it, some of us get angry about it, some of us do all three at once, but I’ll bet it’s a rare individual that has never asked the question.

Since I’ve already admitted to having asked it, and more than once, I feel that I’m more than qualified to write about it. As some of you know, I have a debilitating chronic pain condition that affects my ability to walk, and has taken away my ability to work at what I used to do. Now I’m not writing this to garner sympathy. I know there are many people who make what I deal with every day look like a day of just sitting and basking in the light of a warm sunny day, but I do know something about pain, about loss, and about the question of “why.”

Can I ask you a question? When do you most often ask “why?” If I were a betting man, I’d lay odds that your “why” questions are most often asked as a result of something bad that’s either happened to you or someone you love, or that has, in some way, come way too close to where you live. You might think that asking the question of “why” is wired into our DNA, and in a way you’re right . . .

If you think it’s wrong to question the “why’s” of our lives I’d like you to consider (forgive me)-Why-almost all of the greatest literature, the greatest inventions, the greatest works of art, and the greatest of tragedies have all been a result of or come about as a solution to this one question? I know that wasn’t fair, but perhaps you see my point. The question of “why” is a legitimate question, and one that I don’t believe you should feel bad about or guilty over asking.

It’s not asking “why” that causes any damage to us or to God. The damage that so many of us experience isn’t due to our asking, but rather in our failure to receive and accept the answer given. I know that there are many of you reading this who are going to jump all over me and say that there are no answers to some things; that there are no answers to some of the horrific, terrible, tragic things that happen, and you’re welcome to disagree, but I will not back down because I know that just because you can’t see an answer doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

For most of us our dislike of something immediately garners our disapproval, our disrespect, our denial, and our disdain, and thus too often we are blinded to what is right and true regardless of who is saying it, or how it’s said, or as in this case, how it’s written. Sadly, far too often, it’s our own arrogance, our own sense of self-worth that prevents us from seeing answers to our questions that are right in front of us.

I realize that this will be a let down to some, but, in spite of those who know-it-all, the fact is that most of are not and will never be privy to all that is being done in this world nor how it’s being done, but just as we can’t always see someone’s motive nor even understand the ones we do, it doesn’t negate the fact that there is one.

In this life we have to know and understand that sometimes the “why’s” of our lives will be revealed to us not when we want them to be, but when we’re ready to know the answer. When I was a kid I often asked my Dad “why” he did or didn’t do something according to my wishes, and he would say, “because” without any further explanation. I hated it, but it didn’t change the answer-at least not in the short-term-but as I grew older many of those answers came, and with it the knowledge that my father knew better than I did . . . So does your heavenly father.


From “Zion’s Wayfarer” by Joseph Philpot

“Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus–whom God has set forth to be an atoning sacrifice through faith in his blood.” Romans 3:24; _3:25

Before we can have faith in Christ’s atoning blood, we must see the glory of the Person of the Lord of life. “We beheld his glory,” said John, speaking of himself and the other favored disciples, “we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only-begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” May I ask you a question, you who profess to know these things? Were your eyes ever anointed to behold the glory of Jesus? Did faith ever contemplate, did hope ever anchor in, did love ever flow forth to the glorious Person of Immanuel? Was he ever precious to your souls? ever “altogether lovely” in your eyes? so that you could say, “Whom have I in heaven but you? and there is none upon earth I desire beside you?”

Now, if you have seen his Person by the eye of faith, you have had faith flowing out of your soul to his atoning blood; for his atoning blood derives all its value, all its validity, and all its efficacy from its being the blood of that glorious Person. Upon that atoning blood we then view infinite dignity stamped. We then view it as the blood of Him who was God-man; and we then see the dignity, immensity, and glory of the Godhead of Jesus, stamped upon the sufferings and blood that flowed from his pure manhood. When we see that by the eye of faith, what a rich stream does it become! What a fountain opened for sin and uncleanness! What value is stamped upon it to purge and cleanse a guilty conscience!

Now, when this is known and felt, the soul is justified. Justification passes over from the mind of God into the bosom of the sinner. He never really was, in the mind of God, in an unjustified state; but he was in his own conscience, and he was as touching the law, and he was as regards his standing as a sinner before the eyes of a holy Jehovah. But the moment he is enabled, by living faith, to touch and take hold of the atoning blood of the Lamb of God, justification passes over into his soul, and he becomes freely justified, pardoned and accepted, through the blood of sprinkling upon his conscience; and he stands before God whiter and brighter than snow, for “the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin.”


My Prayer to the Father, August 13, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come before Your throne, Father,
In worship and praise
Of who You are.
Father, I look forward
To that blessed and beautiful day
When with all my brothers
And sisters
I may bow before You
And give You praise,
And honor and glory.
Oh what a wonderful day
That will be.

Heavenly Father
It doesn’t seem possible that
It could be so
That one day I shall stand
In the presence of angels
And cherubim
And I shall proclaim
And magnify You
Above all;
And oh, to think that
Right there in front of me
I shall see my Lord Jesus’ face.

Heavenly Father
It’s too far beyond my comprehension
To think and scarcely believe
That You have prepared me a place
That I will never know until
I get home, my Eternal home
All that You’ve prepared for me.
Even in my dreams
As I walk and breath the life You give
I can not fathom
The beauty, the perfection
Of all You’ve given me
Title to;
Bought and paid for
By the precious blood
Of my dear Savior.

Heavenly Father
I just want to Thank You;
I want to fall down before You
And give You all I have in
My heart
All I am
All I want to be
All I could be
All, every part of me.
May there be nothing within me
But a heart that glories
And is filled with gladness
In knowing that
My soul, forever and a day,
Belongs solely to You.

Heavenly Father
I’ve only one thing to ask;
Give us, Your children,
A vision of our eternal home,
A taste of what it will be like there,
So that we may be filled
With a great and insatiable desire
To share that
Which we have already within
Our hearts
With all who are so lost
And in danger
Of throwing away
Their immortal souls.
Father, please give us a need
That cannot be quenched
To spread the glorious Gospel
Of Your message
To anyone and everyone
We meet.

In Jesus name, I pray,


My Prayer to the Father, August 8, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come before You, Father
In humble adoration,
In gratefulness of heart,
In praise and worship of
You who are the eternal God
Who has always been
And will always be.
You, who are the Author
Of all things created,
And the Finisher of all things

Heavenly Father
I have gladness of heart, Father,
For I know in
Every single cell and fiber
Of my being that You
Love me, and that You call me Yours.
You, who called the heavens
Into existence, and gave every star
A name also made me.
You formed me in the womb;
You made the most wonderful plan
For my life,
And from Your station
You have guided my every step
And have overseen
All that I have encountered.
You who have always been
The Eternal Potter
Have always been the
Master craftsman;
You, have molded me
Shaped me;
Made me all that I am,
And I am Yours,
Yours because of Your decree,
Your election.

Heavenly Father
How can I express my gratitude;
My thankfulness;
How can I describe
What joy I have;
Gladness of heart in
The midst of the storm,
No matter the circumstance,
In every and all
I have Joy!
O, Father what You have done;
You the lover of my soul
Have given me that
Which no one else
Can give me
A need, a desire to do
What You have called me to do
Which I will have
As Your gift to me
Throughout eternity.

Heavenly Father
So many gifts; such love.
How amazing it is
That You have not made
Me wait,
But, You have given them
To me already.
To think that You have
Allowed me to taste
Them here,
That You have granted to
Me the right and privilege
To use them
In service to You
And, what’s more Father,
You even tell me
To give them away.
O, Lord, God, Almighty
I can not even begin
To imagine all
You must be.
My cup runneth over
For my eternal love
Is always with me.

Heavenly Father
Oh, Father
How I pray You will show
Me how to make known
To others
What I know of You.
Show me how to
Call unto You
Those who live
Beyond the realm of
Who You are
By their own choice;
Their own desires.
O Father, there are so many;
So many who are searching,
Looking for Your light;
Following paths
that yield promise
Only to lead to the edges
Of cliffs
That can not be scaled
Where many lose heart
And perish or
Live the rest of Your
Precious gift of life
In abject misery.

Heavenly Father
To know all that You are
In all Your Holiness,
In all Your purity,
In all Your beauty and perfection
And know that there are
Those who have no knowledge
Of all that You are
And all that You have given.
How can I live?
How can I draw breath
And not want or care
That others should
What I know?

Heavenly Father
Please don’t let me be insensitive
To Your Holy Word, and
O God please don’t let me
Stand by and see people
Grow to be so.
Make me realize that
By being insensitive to You
I’m helping to shut
The gates of heaven
On those who would
Come in
If only I had not made
It so easy by my example
To encourage sin.

Heavenly Father,
Please do not
let me
let a moment, a second,
an hour Pass,
Or anyone who comes near
Without my proclaiming
The name of Jesus
As being my all…
As being all that I hold dear.

In Jesus name, I pray.


My Prayer to the Father, August 7, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You tonight Father
Knowing that You are
The Only One who can help me
And so many others.
You, who are all-powerful,
Who knows all things;
Who can see all things;
Who can do whatever
That is within Your
Desire and will to do.

Heavenly Father
You are the eternal God.
You know pain.
I know You know pain and
You understand it’s impact
For You showed us
so clearly
In the person of
Your beloved Son,
Who endured such agony
In spirit
And such immense
And unimaginable pain
In His suffering
Upon the cross.

Heavenly Father
It breaks my heart, and I grieve,
And I feel such compassion
And such love for those
Who are suffering.
I know Father that even
As I ask
They are asking to
Why must I suffer,
And why must I
Endure this pain.
Is it so wrong
To ask this question?
You, who are the eternal God,
Who knows and allows
All things that touch us
Must know.

Heavenly Father
I mean no disrespect;
I do not mean, Father
To insult, to belittle,
To insinuate, or imply
That You in all Your glory
And in Your absolute
Holiness, Justice and Perfection
Have done anything
Other than love us.
I just seek understanding.
If I could understand
It would be easier
To bear.

Heavenly Father
You who sent Your Son
To the cross
You who stood by
And watched
And heard Your Son’s plea.
You who raised Him
Form the dead,
And have given Him a name;
A name that is above
Every other name,
Lord of lords;
King of kings.
You know and You
Have us all proclaim
Your truth;
Yet, we don’t.
How can we when we
Don’t know it.
When we haven’t taken
The time,
When we haven’t laid
Aside the cares of this world,
Nor the desires of
Of our selfish hearts
To seek and understand
That which You have
Made plain.

Heavenly Father
I come to You, and I beg forgiveness.
I fall before You
In sackcloth and ashes
With tears filling my eyes,
And a groan upon my lips
For I see it so clearly now.
I have sinned greatly Father
Against You.
How could I not have known;
And understood
When the why
Of my question is right there;
Right in front of me
Hanging upon that cross
With nails driven into his flesh
And a crown of thorns
Piercing His head.

Heavenly Father
O God, Almighty
I come before You,
And I beg forgiveness for myself
And those who
Have questioned You
As I have.
Father, please forgive me
For not knowing why,
For not seeing
When You have shown
In the word made flesh
All that we in our selfishness
Want to know
And How, and why?

Heavenly Father
You who are eternal goodness
And light,
Who has provided all we need
Of love and care
Are ever faithful and true
And never hold back
Any good thing from us.
You, Father,
Who does see all,
Who can see with infinite eyes,
And perfect knowledge
Knows our all
And gives us all
To Your divine knowledge
And perfect will.
You, who have declared
Our days,
And have lit our path,
And who has
Provided a future home
Where there will be
No more pain,
No more sorrow,
No more death.

Heavenly Father
If I may ask one thing
Let it be this:
Father, I pray for all those who are
Suffering and in such pain.
Father, I lift them up to You
And I pray that You being
our All in All
Will embrace them tenderly
Will hold them safely
In arms that shall never tire.
Father, I pray You will renew
Their strength, that You will grant
To them the knowledge of
Perfect peace,
A peace found and delivered
Through Your Son
When our minds and hearts
Are stayed on thee.
Father, touch them.
Touch them with Your
Love, mercy and truth,
And show them
Your compassion.
Father, I pray that You will
Send unto them
Those who carry Your Spirit
Within, to comfort them,
To love them
To prepare them
And to heal them.

Heavenly Father
I pray You will remove
That which afflicts them,
That You dig deep into their hurt,
And that You heal
Them through the inside out
For that is what You do
For us all.
I pray Father that You
Being the author of truth
Will help all to know
That healing has
Already come, and
Is already on the way.

In Jesus name, I pray.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

     What better time to sit down, and put to paper a few things I’d like for you to know.  The first is that I’m very proud to be your son.  I can’t imagine having a better father.  I feel honored, privileged to be your son, and feel like I’ve been given the greatest gift in having you as the man who raised me.  There are those who might say I worship the ground you walk on, but you and I know that isn’t the truth.  I’ll admit that we’re close, that I love you whole-heartedly, that I’m a fan.  I think you’re admirable in so many ways, and my respect for you is great.  After all, to a very large degree, I wouldn’t be who I am without you, and I know that without your love and guidance I wouldn’t be nearly as good as I am.  I don’t mean that as a brag, but just in that I’m surprised that I turned out so well.  My one regret is that I’ve failed to be a better son.  I thank God for your example, for your consistent example, of what it is to live a life where one is kind, and honest, and truthful, and loving, and hard-working.  You never were and aren’t the kind to talk about love openly; you don’t say the words, “I love you” a lot, but you have said them.  It wouldn’t have mattered to me if you had never said them because you showed me so many times, in so many ways. 
     You’re not perfect.  I know that’s a shock to you, and right here is where you’d say something smart-alec, but it’s true.  You weren’t the perfect father, but you were and are an extraordinary father.  We both know that I required a lot of your time and attention.  I was not an easy child to raise.  I was so hard-headed, so stubborn, so insistent, on having and doing things my own way that the only way to reach me was through the seat of my pants.  Yes, you used the belt on my butt when I needed it, and thank God that you took the “Word of God” literally instead of figuratively.  I know the world we live in now frowns on ‘corporal punishment,’ but thank you for doing what was right.  When I needed the rod of discipline, you applied it, and I will always be grateful that you did so. 
     Of course, the rod wasn’t the only thing you used.  I remember the lectures.  I remember them every one word for word simply because I heard them so many times.  I can’t count the number of times when I wished you would have just given me the rod instead of the lecture, but-and I can’t believe I’m saying this-I thank God for them, too.  My daugther hasn’t come to that point, yet, but hopefully one day she’ll feel the same way.  She’s where I used to be.  Seated at the table, rolling her eyes, staring out the window, doing everything she possibly can to let me know that she’s not listening, but I know she is, and I know that what I’m saying is getting through to her, slowly but surely, because I heard your every word, and they got through to me.  I’m so glad they did.
     Where you shined though was in your example, in the way you lived and live your life.  In the way you worked so hard every year to raise a garden.  No matter the weather, you battled every year to make it the best that it could be, and we always got something out of it.  The way you took care of our home, our yard, our cars; how you always tried so hard to take care of what you had no matter what it was.  All those years you worked on the freight docks, all those years working overnight, then coming home and working around the house and yard, too.  Yet, you always managed to make time for us kids.  I remember our wrestling matches when we were little, and it was only after I’d grown much older that I realized you’d let me win.  How did you ever find the time to do everything you did?  To work so hard, to spend time with us kids, to help other people?  
     There were and are many things about you that I love.  I loved going to church with you, standing next to you, and listening to you as you sang the old hymns.  “The Old Rugged Cross,” “Amazing Grace,” “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus” and so many others.  I loved hearing you sing, and I wasn’t the only one.  More than one person told me how wonderful they felt hearing you sing.  Then, to this very day, I love to hear you pray.  When you pray your relationship with our Father in heaven is so obvious, so full of love.  You’ve used the same Bible, your ‘Scofield,’  since 1968.  I remember when we had it recovered because it’s pages were falling out.  Now they’re falling out again.  Looking through your Bible and seeing all the notes, the under-lined passages, sort of showed me how your relationship with God and your commitment to Jesus Christ developed and evolved.  What a wonderful witness!
     And, Dad, that’s what I truly want to thank you the most for.  I don’t know that I would have ever found Jesus without you.  I don’t know that I would have ever learned who my Father in heaven is without you.  At first, I wanted to be like you, and still do, but then as I grew older I learned that you wanted to be like Him.  I saw how much you loved Him, but even more how much He loved you.  Thank you for not only showing me how to love God, but for showing me how much He loves me.  Of all the many wonderful things you’ve done that is the most wonderful. 

I love you, Dad