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This cannot be ignored…

The following is something that must be opposed by God’s people.  This cannot be ignored nor should it be.  We as God’s people must stand for truth at all cost.  Please read this and prayerfully consider what it being said here, and that the Heavenly Fathers’s will be done.  Here’s the http://keriwilliams.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/a-better-conversation-about-homosexuality/#comment-592

The following is my comment to this post.  I have posted it here so that every one can see should it not be seen there though I think it will be.

I’m sorry, and though I don’t know your motivation, for posting this, I can tell you on the full authority of God’s Holy Word, that those of you who’ve written all the above posts except for the one made by Lyn Leahz are deceived at best, and the sons and daughters of the devil himself at worst.  You are in danger of eternal hell fire and damnation.  You argue, and yet some of you know that you are in the wrong.  The spirit that lives within you knows this!  You deny the truth that will set men free, and exchange a lie for what is Holy and just and the only way God has made for the saving of your souls.  You are liars, and worse than liars, for no man or woman who truly knows the God we serve, nor the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would dare to do as you have done.  You are worse than liars because you have shown that you have no love in your hearts for that which is true as spoken by our God and our Lord Jesus Christ.  You proclaim tolerance, but what you show is hate, the very hate that Satan himself has for all mankind.  You have children.  You say you have love for them, but how can you love when you have no knowledge of the truth of God’s Holy Word?  I pray that God wake you from your apathy and steer you from the lies that are presented here!

Please know and understand that I do not support and will not support the “Homosexual Community”  and it’s agenda to redefine marriage, or in their desire for universal acceptance.  I love people, and I know that people sin, myself included, and I know that Jesus Christ died for all and – I repeat all – who sin!  All sin can be forgiven by God, and is, but you cannot practice sin as a “lifestyle” and be recognized as a Child of the Eternal God, and as brother to He – Jesus Christ – who gave His life for us.  You cannot attack the “Word of God” and say that it’s a lie and and that it’s misunderstood, and not be held to give account!  I know and fully realize that there are those who will hate me for me this stand, and will come against me.  If I suffer, I suffer, it shall be nothing new, and I shall glorify my Heavenly Father if and when He calls me to suffer for this stand I have taken in Him.  He only is worthy of Worship, Honor and Praise, and I commit myself to Him and to His Holy Word, and He can do with me as He will.  As for Me and my house “We Will Serve the Lord!”