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A Small Thought on Consequences and Liberal Thought

Have you ever noticed the tendency of people to make choices and plow ahead without giving much thought to the consequences of their actions.  Just imagine a child being allowed to pursue his natural inclinations without having to deal with the consequences of his actions.  What mother or father could stand their child for long?

For those people who are fortunate enough not to have to live with the consequences of their actions what freedom there must be, and they are free  right up to the point where there freedom from consequence creates an overwhelming flood of consequences for others that begins to affect them.

This is the problem with liberal thought in that it takes freedom as far as people want it to go without thinking of the ultimate destination that having such freedom will lead them to.  Freedom without responsibility and accountability is not freedom, but the first step to enslavement.

In my opinion, our country, our government, and a great many of our people tend to follow the liberal view of thought which reminds me of this little quote I came across a while back:

“A pig ate his fill of acorns under an oak tree and then started to root around the tree. A crow remarked, “You should not do this. If you lay bare the roots, the tree will wither and die.” “Let it die,” said the pig. “Who cares as long as there are acorns?”

Bits & Pieces  , February, 1990, p. 24.


When we start to tear down, root out, and cast aside the institutions and values that make us what we are we’re very close to losing what gives and provides those things that make us what we are.  Then what will we be?