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A Thought on JoeDan Done Did Good Here…oh, yeah…(Re-blogged from “quotes and notes and opinions”)

The following is a link to a video that  I think is mostly offensive to those who have a hard time dealing with the truth.  I don’t like the subtitle “Christians Can’t Vote Democrat” because I’m not sure all democrats feel the same way just as not all republicans feel the same way even though they may vote along their party line.  I’m willing to give “democrats” the benefit of the doubt, and think that surely not all of them feel or act in the way that the “democrats” in this film are characterized.  The ones that are in this film are accurately portrayed in my opinion; not so much by their philosophy (though imo despicable), but rather by their actions…..

The truth is that “Christianity” is under attack, and anyone who thinks otherwise is deliberately and intentionally sticking their heads in the sand.  That’s the truth!  There’s a lot of people in this country and the world over that call themselves “Christians,” who have no more business calling themselves “Christians” or “followers of Christ” than a crocodile does wearing a tutu.  In case you didn’t know, “Christianity” is considered a philosophy just like “Marxism” or “Capitalism.”  Just because you like or relate to one more than another doesn’t necessarily make you a proponent or follower of one.

This is especially true of “Christianity.”  Of all philosophies, “Christianity” has given more to the world and people at large than any other, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Yes, it’s true “Christianity” has it’s fair share of blood split all over it’s hallowed halls, storied people, and diverse lands, but don’t think even for a single second that true – I said TRUE – “Christians” had anything whatsoever to do with it.  “Christianity” can be used and taken advantage of just like “Capitalism” can, and in today’s world both of them are being abused in obscene, horrific ways by a corrupt and evil people who will do anything to discredit them.

Let me ask you some tough questions?  Who are you?  What are you?  Do you claim to be a “Christian?”  “Are you a “follower of Jesus Christ?”  How do you know?  What’s even more important is do the people around you know you’re a “Christian?”  I know these are tough questions, but they’re not nearly as hard as this last one is, “How have you defined being a Christian for those around you with your life?”  There’s a difference between the last two just so you know…..

Let me close with this observation.  Notice I said observation, and this is in no wise intended to be a judgment of anyone, but just what I said, an observation.  Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mit Romney, Sara Palin, Joe Bidden, John Kerry, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and a whole host of other politicians have all said or say that they’re “Christians.”  I’m not saying that any of them are or aren’t, but isn’t it amazing when you look at the distinctions between them?

In truth, there’s only one way to know whether you’re a “Christian” or not.  There is a way to know, and for others to know, too.  If you’re truly a “Christian” you know, and if you’re not…..Well, you need to find out……