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Prayer for September 1, 2012

Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, knowing that You are the Great and Eternal God who reigns Supreme over all. You are the Creator, and You are the Sustainer of that which You have made. You are the Author of every beautiful and praiseworthy thing. You are the Potter, who makes the objects of Your desire as You please, to do with as You will, and I thank You for all You are and all You do. You have made Your design and laid it upon the fabric of history, upon our lives, and I pray Father, that You will help me and all Your children to know that, though we may not understand, You have made, given, and provided, all that we may ever need, and that nothing has nor will ever come to pass that is not Your good and perfect will for our lives.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I thank You for sending Him to the cross, and for His being willing to go. How I mourn that my sins were among those He carried and bore upon the cross, and yet, how glad I am that He took all that which is most vile and hateful in me, and put it to death, and that He rose again so that I might rise with Him in all that He is unto Eternal life, so that I, too, will be among those to give my Lord praise, worship, and honor forever more. Father, never let me forget, not even for a second, that my life, and all life, is about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and that so long as I have Him, I have all, and death shall never be a curse for me anymore, but only a key by which I may enter into an Eternity whereby I shall live forever in the light and love of the Eternal God who made me.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, Father, and I ask You Father, in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to be with these petitions I bring before You. Father, there are so many who suffer, who are in the midst of pain and strife, who are facing calamity and the loss of all possessions, and indeed there are those who at this very moment our losing their fight for life. There are those who are struggling just to make it through another day, another hour, who hunger and thirst for the righteousness that can only be found in the Bread of Life, and the Living Water in the form and person of my beloved Savior Jesus.

Heavenly Father, so many, of Your children are suffering and struggling to live in this world of darkness, and I pray, Father, that You would help us, Your children, to have eyes to see, and ears to hear, so that we may know that You would not have Your children to be wandering so, to be struggling as so many of us do under the weight of burdens we were never meant to carry. Father, help us in our unbelief, in our lack of trust. Help us, Father, to lay hold of, and to make a firm grip upon He who shall never let us go. Help us to stand upon the foundation of Your truth, to rest under the secret pavilion of Your Love, and help us to know that You are our shield and our buckler, and no harm shall befall us that You cannot quell.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, and I ask that You be with Pastor Jon Cardwell, and His family, Lisa and Rachel, and with ‘Sovereign Grace Baptist Church.’ Father, I know that Pastor Cardwell is one of Your bright and shining lights, and that He has been a faithful and true witness for and of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, for his life, and for his willingness and his undying passion and desire to serve You and to faithfully proclaim Your Word of Truth. Father, God, I ask that during this time of trial, that You would be with him; that You would lay Your healing hand upon him, that You would take him into Your loving arms, and that You would hold him close, and reassure him of Your love and commitment to him. Give him Your peace, and the courage and strength to walk through this present darkness toward the beckoning light of Your love and grace. Father, I ask that You be with his family, that You would show them great love. That You will shower them with Your compassion and Your mercy, and that You would give them the strength and courage to meet the challenges they face, and that they might face those challenges in such a way as to give witness to Your Great Love. I pray that You be with the members of ‘Sovereign Grace Baptist church,’ and that You will take them into Your embrace, and that You will give them all that they need so that they might be able to do all that You have called them to do.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You be with all Your children in these dark days that are so filled with uncertainty. Father, God, I know that You are in control; that Your plan is even now being carried out, and that You have not forgotten Your people. Father, I pray for the nation of Israel, Your chosen people, and Father, God, I pray that You will remind this country and it’s citizen’s of Your promise to “Bless those who bless Your People, Israel, and to curse those who curse it,” Father, I pray that You will touch the hearts and minds of our people, and that You will call forth all that they know to be true in You, and that You would help us to rise up and proclaim Your Son, Jesus, and all Your truth throughout this land once again. Father, I ask, that You make us, Your children, sensitive to the needs of those around us, and that You will help us to carry Your love and goodness to all those who are so in need of it. Help us to support with our money, our love and our prayers those here and overseas that are being persecuted for their faith in You, and that we might never forget those who are helping and taking care of those who are less fortunate out of love for you.  In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.



My Prayer to the Father, August 6, 2012

Heavenly Father,
You, who are the builder
Of all.
You have allowed us
To build our houses
Within the realm
Of what You built first.

Heavenly Father
You, who are the Almighty God;
Great is Your name;
Great is Your faithfulness;
You are truth;
You are the eternal light
That makes the darkness
As bright as the
Noon day sun.

Heavenly Father
From where You sit
There is no hiding
From Your eyes.
You see everything, all;
There is nothing hidden
In the heart of man
That is not open and
Bare before You.

Heavenly Father,
You, who have made the secret place;
You who have made a place
Where all who desire to know
Truth can reside
In gladness of heart
And spirit.

Heavenly Father,
You, who are all and in all,
And through all
That which is good
And beautiful
And worthy of praise
Comes to man.
You, who made man
A little lower than the angels
And gave him honor
And glory
And put all within the
Grasp of his little hand
And underneath his feet.
Man, who is nothing more
Than a breath and
Sigh upon Your lips.

Heavenly Father,
How amazing it is, and
Beyond comprehension that
You could love us so.
How tragic that we who are
So valued in Your eyes
Cannot see how special
How valuable we are.
What sadness we bear
For nothing
Because of the blindness
Of our spiritual eyes.

Heavenly Father,
You, who in the beginning
Made us perfect;
Who gave all man could
Ever want, ever need;
Who You gave free passage to;
Who You allowed to partake
Of everything.
You, who held nothing back
But for one tree
And he could not stay away.

Heavenly Father,
You, who knew their coming failure
Knew from eternity past
That they would need a Savior,
And in Your eternal spirit
You made it possible
For man to be redeemed;
You, once again
Took it upon Yourself to
Provide that which
Man needed most of all;
Light to see by.

Heavenly Father,
You, provided in Your love,
In Your holiness, and justice
And perfection
What man in his chosen darkness
Did not deserve;
Your, Son.
He who from eternity past
Set upon the throne
Chose to take on the flesh of man
And to walk upon this earth
Tempted in every way
As we are,
Yet, He was without sin.
Perfect in every way.

Heavenly Father,
He, who knew no sin
Took sin upon himself;
The sins of the world,
Our sins,
And stood before royalty
With no word upon
His lips,
And like a sheep
Led to slaughter
Took not the easy way.

Heavenly Father,
He who bore our sins
Took all the worst that man
Can do, that we can do,
And turned not away;
And, carried His cross
Upon bleeding shoulders
To a hill far away.

Heavenly Father,
What agony to endure
A body wracked with pain,
Broken, bloody,
Who in His brokenness
Took all the darkness
That lay upon man
And lay upon His cross
As the nails were driven in.

Heavenly Father,
Thank You. Thank You.
You, who gave all
So that we might live.
Have you not the right
To expect our honor,
Our worship;
Our praise?

Heavenly Father
I have only one request of You;
Make me a reminder
To all I meet what precious blood
Was spilt upon that cross.
Make me a reminder
What sin costs.
Make me a reminder
Of what love is.
Make me a reminder
As long as I live.

In Jesus name, I pray,




My Prayer to the Father – July 29th, 2012

Our Father In Heaven
I come to Thee in humble adoration and gratefulness
Praising You, Father, as the One worthy of my Worship.
You, Heavenly Father, who created the heavens and the earth,
You, Father, who have given us all that we have, and know.
Heavenly Father, I know that You are love,
And without You we would not know Love
Not in it’s purest form, not in the way
That Love heals and restores.
You, Heavenly Father, are the Author of Love
As written in Your beautiful expression
Of Your Beloved Son, Jesus.
You, Father, who wrote it forever on the hearts
Of those of us who believe in Him.
Of those of us who know that He died for our sins
And thus are forever in Your debt.

Heavenly Father,
I come before You, Father, knowing what
A privilege it is to come before Your eternal throne.
Overjoyed in knowing that You, the Creator,
Not only hear my prayers, but
Are anxious to hear them.
I know Father that You love my prayers,
And not mine, only, but all that come
From a secure position in Your Son,
My Beloved Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father,
It is with true sadness that I come before You.
So sad that I live in a country that
You gave as a gift to all who desire to be free.
To all who desire to Love and Worship You,
And to express the best things You gave to us
As a dim reflection of who You are
In Your glorious and eternal Image.
We, who used to be the best representation
Of Your love and Grace
To a world lost and blind,
And in denial.

Heavenly Father,
I’m so sorry for my part in the smearing
Of what was once so grand and glorious,
And Father, I ask Your forgiveness
Not only for my part,
But that You forgive all who have
Done so much to dim a light
That at once was a beacon that
Shined all across the world.
Not our light, Father, but Yours.
A light of love and grace and strength
That brought forth all the best
That my Beloved Lord Jesus exampled.

Heavenly Father,
In my heart, I know that what has been done
Cannot be undone.
We who have mocked You;
We who have brought untold shame upon
That which You gave us.
We who have taken that which was precious
And thrown it among the dogs and swine
Are deserving of Your wrath.
We who have taken the innocent and that which
Is incarnated in beauty
And we through our silence
Have allowed those who have no soul
To kill and destroy by the millions
what You deem so precious

Heavenly Father,
If that were our only Sin
It would be enough to bring forth the fires of hell,
But to my most unutterable shame
It is only the first in a long line of that which
We should bow down before You
In sackcloth and ashes
And bewail the terror which we have
Inflicted upon ourselves.
But, no, Father, we not only have taken Life,
But we have done worse if it can be so described
In that we have taken our position
As Saints, as the Royal Priesthood You
Proclaim us to be,
And we have disrobed before the world,
As well as our families and neighbors.
Heavenly Father,
We have built great and towering monuments to You,
And we call them churches
But they are no more and no better
Than the tower of Babel.
We have raised them to raise ourselves
And only we do they truly honor
For Your Word in all it’s truth
Has been sublimated to no more
Than a cheer and a rah, rah, rah,
And a self-help, and self-love philosophy
That were the very things
That put my precious Lord Jesus on the cross
And left him to bleed and die.

Heavenly Father,
I beg You to send a fire of revival throughout
Our land; not to save it;
Though I wish it so,
But that through it those of Your children
Who have yet to realize their state
Might meet Your son, my glorious Savior
And fall before Him in love and faith.
That we might at least once more
Cast our light so brightly around the world
That we leave a last shadow.

Heavenly Father,
I would have no strength to bear my shame
Of this country I have loved were it not
For Your love and grace,
And the certain knowledge
That I am only a stranger here waiting
Until my Beloved comes for me.
Until such time, Father, let me not be slack
In that which You have called me to do.
Let me be bold in my love,
And unswerving in my devotion to the
Mission You have called all Your children to.
Let me proclaim Your Son, My Lord Jesus
To all I meet; to stand upon a hill
And raise my voice so that all can hear,
And stand in the path of all who propose wickedness
In the name of my Lord,
And thus express the Love He paid so much
To bestow upon me.

Heavenly Father,
I come to You on behalf of all in this country
And the world who are suffering
In their bodies and their spirits.
Who are struggling mightily
To pursue that which they know to be true
And to proclaim Him who is.
Heavenly Father,
Please I beg, I plead with You Father
To put a hedge of protection around
All my brothers and sisters
In Christ
Who are enduring the worst pain,
Who are being persecuted without mercy
In lands I’ll never see.
Sear our hearts with love and compassion
And a desire that will not be quenched
To pray for them with our all,
And to give them aid
In all the ways we are so capable of.

Heavenly Father,
Please be with my brothers and sisters
In Christ, and all who are in so much pain in whatever
Form it manifests itself in
And who are struggling to find their way
Through the darkness that’s enveloped this land
And this world.
Help us as those who truly love Your Son
To light our candles and lead the way
To He who is the Bright and Morning Star.

In Jesus Name,