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A Thought on Cynicism

     My thought tonight came as I was watching “Hannity” on the Fox news channel.  Now some people reading this would say “it only stands to reason  you’d have a small thought if you’re watching Fox and especially Sean Hannity,” but I’ll watch him before I watch some of the other junk on t.v.  I’m not going to say that I agree with everything I’ve heard on “Hannity,” but I’m not going to say I disagree with everything I’ve heard on it either.  Just so you know, though, I watch CNN, CBS, ABC, & NBC news shows, as well, because I like to try to get an idea of what’s really going on, and watching different news outlets gives me some perspective on what others are thinking.
     Anyway, what drew my attention, was “The Great American Panel” section in which Sean had as his guests Rebecca St. James, Jay Thomas, and Bob Beckel.  I’ll let you make your own determination about what you think of these people, but the thing that got me was the cynicism on the part of the two men.  Rebecca St. James, recently married, was saying that there were still good men in the world, men who don’t lie, who don’t believe in premarital sex.  She talked about her husband, her joy in knowing that she and her husband had no baggage, no experience with which to compare each other with others.
     Jay Thomas spoke up and told her that all men lied, that men did not have any advantage in telling the truth to women; that all men wanted to have sexual relations with every woman they saw, and would if given the chance.  I found his comments offensive, condescending, and disparaging.  Bob Beckel, to his credit, did not engage in Mr. Thomas’ comments to the extent that Mr. Thomas stated, but did express some agreement with his views. 
     The next subject was Tim Tebow, and whether he was a good role model for children, and once again, Mr. Thomas said that his two sons would be bored to death if they lived like Tim Tebow.  What does this statement say about him?  He did say that He liked to watch Tim Tebow play, and he acknowledged that there was something different about Tim, but that in his opinion a belief in Buddha could garner just as much in a person’s life.  Bob Beckel, a professed christian, did not seem to support Tim’s witness for Christ on or off the field with much enthusiasm.
     What I want to know is what’s so wrong with speaking positively about people keeping their purity until in the marriage relationship, or encouraging kids to look to someone like Tim Tebow as a role-model.  For Mr. Thomas to express his opinion that going into marriage without having sex beforehand was like buying a car without starting and driving it first is in my opinion indicative of the kinds of attitudes that are at the root of some of this country’s greatest problems.  
     I don’t mind people expressing their opinions, but what bothers me is the cynicism with which so many people approach almost any subject these days.  How can people have any kind of honest discussion about a subject when they approach it in this way?