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A Thought On Standing and the Voice of Truth

     It doesn’t take a long look at the world in which we live to see that we’ve got serious problems.  To be honest, we don’t even have to look at the world.  We can just look at our own country.  All anyone has to do to see how bad things really are is to look at our government, it’s officials, and it’s policies.  Now, I’m not a fan of Barak Obama, but I don’t blame him for everything that’s wrong in government.  Government has been going in the wrong direction, in my opinion, for a long time.  Yet, it’s not governments fault for the situation in which our country finds itself.  In fact what we see in government today is only a symptom of something far more serious.  In fact, all the the things we see in our country, all the things that plague our country, are the result of only one thing.
     If you want to understand what is at the root of the problems we face in our country all you have to do is look to history, in particular the history of Israel as described in the Bible.  The reason history keeps repeating itself is because people refuse to learn from it.  The reason the nation of Israel failed and was conquered was because it’s people failed to honor the God who called them to be His own.  It was the people who failed their country, not the other way around. 
     Yes, there is corruption in our government, but the reason there’s corruption in our government is because there’s corruption in us.  In Proverbs 14:34 it says “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”  Therein lies the problem with our country.  Our people are like the Israelites of the Old Testament in that God’s chosen people embraced the pagan rituals and practices of the people’s around them.  They turned their backs on God, and He left them to the consequences of their actions.  
     We only have to look at the history of Israel to see the root of our problem, but, so too, can we look to this nations’ history to find the solution.  Can our nation be restored to greatness?  I believe it can be restored.  I believe this nation can once again be the beacon of light and freedom that, I believe, God intended it to be.  How that restoration begins is by our people, God’s people, raising their voice in supplication to God Almighty repenting of our sins, begging forgiveness, and taking our stand upon the rock that cannot be moved. 
     You, Christian, must take your stand for Christ, and your country.  You must make a commitment to live your life as your Lord and Savior lived His.  You cannot be the Pharisee, the Sadducee, the one who sees the need and leaves it to others to meet.  You, Christian, cannot embrace the things of the world surrounding you.  Do you speak against filth and allow it into your homes?  Do you use your freedom to pursue your lusts?  You, You, and You will you stand? 
     Karl Kraus said, “Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”   We, as a people, as a country, have prostituted ourselves in that we have taken our God-given abilities, talents, our names-that are to be treasured above rubies and gold, and sold them all for purposes unworthy of who God called us to be.  How long Christian will you sit idle and allow evil to have it’s way?  Do you think your Lord and Savior will be proud of you for standing aside when you see the wrong around you, for not speaking against it?  Would your Lord stand in front of a liar and a thief and say “It’s okay.  Go ahead and do what you want.”  Why do you? 
     You call yourself  a christian, are you?  Do you know what your Bible says?  Do you believe it?  It’s time to determine who you are, Christian.  Do you believe that you are called to be responsible for your life and your choices?  Do you believe that God has called you to work; to work when, where, how, and with what we have to do so?  Do you believe in Jesus?  Do you trust Him?  Do you have faith in Him?  Do you believe in the love He showed? Then live as if you do.
     You, men of God, where are you?  Why do you not stand?  It’s up to You.  Are you going to stand as Christ stood, sacrifice as he did, are you going to give your all for your God, your family, your children, and for your country who needs you so?  You, women of God, where are you?  Will you not stand along side your men?  Will you not fight for your children?  Will you not drop to your knees and pray?  
     Gandhi said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”  Will you be; will you become, the people God has called you to be?  Will you stand for your country and for your God?  Will you be the voice of truth, or will you murmur with the rest?