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My Prayer to the Father, August 20, 2012

Heavenly Father
I come to You, tonight, Father
In gratitude for all that You are,
And for all that You have done.
You, who, have nothing to prove,
Have shown all,
Have given all,
Have offered all
And it is with thankfulness
Of heart
That I bow down in worship
To give praise and honor
To Your holy name.

Heavenly Father
It is my privilege to come before You,
A privilege given to me
By Your great love,
Bought with great price,
With the precious blood of
Your dear son, Jesus.
I have not nor will ever
Earn it, or be able
To pay for it.
I can only take
And accept it.

Heavenly Father
I pray Father that all
Your children might know
This one truth
Above all others.
Your love
Is a gift.
Freely given,
Freely received.

Heavenly Father
I pray Father that You will
Make us all to know
That Your holy word
Must be spoken in truth
But also in love.
That Your love
Should be tender
And gentle
And patient
And kind
And yet steadfast
And strong.

Heavenly Father
I pray that You will not make
Our love weak
Or soft
Or yielding
Full of acceptance
And correctness…
Let our love
As You have decreed;
And honest.

In Jesus name, I pray,