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A Note to all Veterans, Military Servicemen, and their families.

     I just want to take a monent to express my gratitude, my respect and admiration for you, and your families, for your continued service, and the faithful carrying out of your duty.  Most of all my heart-felt sorrow for those of you who have lost loved ones in service to our country.  There are no words to truly express the debt our country owes you and your families.  Your courage, your willingness to sacrifice, to give all on behalf of our country and it’s citizen’s deserves no less than the highest praise we can give. 

     If it were up to me, every single one of you who has served our military, and your famlies would be given the absolute best that we’re capable of giving you in every way possible.  The best housing, education, equipment, training, and care that can be provided to you.  You deserve no less, and I am personally ashamed of our country and it’s leadership for failing to not only provide those things, but for failing to give you clear direction in the carrying out of your goals and objectives when deployed.  You are worthy of great leadership, and the fact that you have served with honor and dignity those undeserving of your commitment only elevates and speaks eloquently to the faithful execution of your duty.

     To those of you who have been spit upon, maligned, treaded upon by those who aren’t deserving of the freedom you’ve sacrificed to give them, I apologize on their behalf.  To all of you and your families, I thank you.  You are in my thoughts and prayers  every day, and stand in my estimation as shining examples of what makes America great.