Thought provoking. Something to pay careful attention to, and pray over.

Might God Be Speaking To You?

Oftentimes, the trials in our own lives are a direct reflection of something God is trying to tell us spiritually.

Here is an example:  Does it seem all of your time is being consumed with things you would rather not be doing and you have barely any time for yourself?  All of your ‘me’ time is nearly non-existent?  Wake up!  Maybe God is trying to tell you that you’re not spending enough time with Him; so your ‘me’ time is being taken away because it seems your ‘me’ time far outweighs your “God” time.

Whatever is going on in your life, take a moment and think:  What is God trying to tell me?  Whatever you are suffering, compare it to something you might be doing that displeases God and see if it fits.  Many of your sufferings, trials, and tribulations may very well…

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