Are You Living A Christ Centered Life?

     Are you living a Christ centered life?  Before you answer that question, you may want to think about it.  This isn’t one of those kinds of questions you should answer quickly.  This is one of those questions you need time to examine and reflect upon because your answer defines your relationship with Jesus Christ.

     I’ll bet that “Christ Centered Life” part made you sit up and take notice, didn’t it?  It might help you to know what I mean by “centered,” and it’s what your life revolves around.  If someone were to look at your life under a microscope what would be at its’ center?  Would it be something you would want others to see?  Would you be proud or embarrassed by it?  Can you answer that question without cringing?

     What would a life centered on Christ entail?  What kinds of things would you be doing ?  I imagine you’d acknowledge Jesus as your savior, and understand the basic tenets of the Christian doctrine.  You would understand the law, repentance, the cross, salvation, and grace.  But, if your life were truly centered on Christ, wouldn’t there be more than just an acknowledgement of Jesus as savior, more than just an understanding of those things already mentioned.  You can have all those things, and still not have a life that is centered on Christ.

     You’re wondering what more there could be, aren’t you?    Say we substitute your family for Christ.  Isn’t there far more to it than just acknowledging and understanding that these people are your family?  What makes them worthy of being the center of your life?  I’ll bet the reason they’re the center of your life is because they are your life.  They’re the motivating factor behind everything you do. How many of you could live without your families?

     Let’s take it a step further.  You fill in the blank.  I’m living a _______ centered life.  This thing is the sole motivation for everything I do; it’s my reason for living.  As long as I have this I can live without anything else and I’ll be okay.  What did you put in the blank?   What does it give you?  Does it give you all the satisfaction, security, and comfort you want and need in your life?  Does it fulfill you completely?  The reality is you can’t hide what your life revolves around.  It’s there for everyone to see, like a giant billboard; there’s no way for anyone to miss it.  Just as you know what your life revolves around, so does everyone else.

     In the Bible, Matthew 6:21 states, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Now, let’s get back to that Christ centered life we were talking about a bit ago.  A life that is centered on Christ is more than just an acknowledgement of Him as Savior, and an understanding of basic doctrine.  It’s a living, breathing, life-giving thing.  It’s the very source of our lives.  It’s where we get all those fruits of the spirit the Bible talks about, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  These are the results of living a life centered on Christ.  One that you can experience and benefit from, and one that others can see.


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