Daily Archives: August 30, 2012

Prayer for August 30, 2012

Heavenly Father, I come to You so thankful for who You are.  So thankful for who Your Son, Jesus, is. Father, I give You praise for who my Lord is; for who my Savior is.  Without Him, Father, I know what would be my lot in life.  I know without a doubt where I should live out my eternity.  How thankful I am that You in all Your Goodness and Mercy made passage for me, not through my own vainglorious efforts, but through Your Son.  Only through Him, do I have what You have promised; Only through Him can I lay claim to You as my Father, my Daddy, and I’m so grateful for what He has given me.  Yet, too, I’m saddened that because of me, and others like me, He had to pay with His life, and His blood, and endure all the curse of my sin-filled life.  How can I ever express what my Lord means to me?

Heavenly Father, I can’t on my own, nor through my own effort, give unto You what You so deserve; what You are entitled to.  I know only through Your Spirit can I give You that which brings You honor, and praise, and worship, and I know that I would not have Him, the Holy Spirit, apart from Your Son, who sent Him to me, to live within my heart, and I’m so grateful for His love and His leadership.  Without Him, I know that I would not have any assurance of who I am in Your Son, nor would I ever be able to approach You.  How blessed I am in that I am so loved by my triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Heavenly Father, I’m just so grateful, so thankful.  Father, thank You for being my Father, the One to whom I can always turn when I need wisdom and knowledge, strength and courage, love and faith and trust.  Thank You for walking beside me, and for always being there to catch me when I fall, for never allowing me to get beyond Your love and care.  Thank You for helping me to see with Your heart, to live life with Your view, and to have a heart for those less fortunate than myself.  Thank You for Your Great Love and Your guidance, and for helping me to become all that You’ve called me to be, and for accomplishing all that You have worked through me to accomplish.  To what do I have any claim apart from You.  You who have given me everything through Your Son, Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I come to You, and I ask You, Father, to make me aware of who I am in Your Son, Jesus, every moment of every day.  Father, help me to not let a moment pass in which I fail to realize what my life would be like if not for Him, and what He did for me and so many others upon the cross.  Help me to move beyond thought and feeling, but into action and purpose, so that His love for me can be translated into a love for others…even for those who cannot and will not return it.  Father, give me eyes, ears, willing hands and feet, so that You might work through me to share with others what You’ve given so bountifully to me.  In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.