My Prayer to the Father, August 3, 2012

Heavenly Father,
You, who are the Almighty God,
You, who are forever worthy of
All praise and worship,
You, who have given All
In the way of love to me
And to so many others;
You, who gave me Yourself
In all of Your eternal beauty and love
In the form and person of
Your, beloved Son Jesus,
I kneel before
In humble submission and adoration.

Heavenly Father,
In humbleness of spirit,
In humility of mind and heart
I come before Your Eternal Throne
Knowing through Your Spirit
That lives within me
That I am indeed privileged
In being able to do so;
To come before You knowing that
You, have taken me unto Yourself
That You call me, Son,
And brother, to He who is
Above every other name.
Oh, Father, what sweetness it is
To my soul to know
That You love me so.

Heavenly Father,
Instruct me, Father, Examine my heart!
Do You see that which is ugly within me?
Oh, Glorious God, You who are all powerful
Reveal all within me that is stained,
That is marred and tainted,
That is sin-ridden, and useless
And wash me anew in the precious blood
Of He Who wears the crown of thorns,
And has the nail-scared hands
And I will be clean;
I will be whiter than snow.

Heavenly Father,
Empty me of all cowardice, and shame.
Give me Your eyes, so that I may
See myself as my Lord, Jesus does,
And thus see myself as being Yours and Yours alone,
And thus know that when I see myself
In any other way, I’m bringing dispersion on You;
And, I’m saying in effect that You
Didn’t do a good enough job.
You who formed me,
Who made me,
Who planned who I would be
And what I do
Before there was time or history.

Heavenly Father,
Let me be as You created me to be;
Let me be beautiful as Your, Son, is beautiful;
Let me be filled with a love so powerful
And so strong that it can afford to be weak.
Let me be, as my Jesus, my Lord.
Let my peace be such that it touches all;
Let me be gentle and tender toward
All, and filled with a love
That can’t be denied, or ignored
Even by those who would
Want to hate and hurt me.

Heavenly Father,
Make my hardened flesh as soft as clay,
Destroy that which I built of myself
In my own selfish desire,
And all the monuments I’ve
Stamped my name upon,
And let them be as sand in water.
Take the rest of what’s left of me
And place it upon the Rock.
Make of it, what You desire and need,
And if a monument, it must be
Make it so that it reflect You,
That it give You all honor and glory.

Heavenly Father,
I come before You with one plea
Make me so tender that I can
No longer ignore the lost.
That I can no longer look away from those
Who are truly living without Your Son.
Make my eyes so that I can see
those who are
Those who are
Suffering in pain;
Those who
Who have built walls to keep out
Rather than to keep in.
Make me so that I can cry tears
For the lost,
For the poor,
For the hungry,
For the abused,
For all
Who are so desperately in need
Of You.

Heavenly Father,
Let me not let another day go by;
Another hour or minute pass
In which I fail to seize an opportunity
To do Your will,
To speak Your Word,
To express Your Love.

In Jesus name, I pray,





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