8 thoughts on “Please pray….

  1. Arlene

    Sending forth His word to arrest every symptom and bring relief to pain in your body. Yours is the temple of the Most High God and the same spirit which quickened Jesus from the dead dwells in u causing a manifestation of healing. By the stripes laid on Jesus’ back u were healed in Jesus’ name…amen!

    1. Wayne Augden Post author

      Thank You Arlene….thank you for helping me. To God be the Glory!

      Our Heavenly Father, Thank You for sending me that which I needed, and for using Your children to bear with me what I could not bear alone. I Thank You for sending Arlene to pray for me, and all those who did, and I pray Your blessings upon them. I pray that You will give them that which they need, and that You will place a hedge of protection around them and those they love. I pray that You will renew and restore them in every way so that they might fulfill all that You desire of them. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

  2. Lyn Leahz

    Wayne, I had no idea you were in this much pain. Was this last night or today you posted this? “Dear heavenly Father, I stand in agreement with my sister Arlene, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I give you praise and honor and glory that your child, Wayne, is helaed from head to toe of every ailment that afflicts his body. Thank You heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus that it is written….by His stripes we are healed! And again, greater is HE who is in me than he who is in this world! and again, no weapon formed against me shall prosper! We join together in faith for Wayne’s speedy recovery… Your Word says that if two agre upon touching any one thing, so shall it be. Arlene and I are two, Wayne makes three..we agree upon this. Also, it says, where two or more are gathered in My name, so there shall I be! We stand firm on the promises of Your Word, which cannot, will not, and has not lied. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!”

    1. Wayne Augden Post author

      Lyn, last night about 2:30 a.m. or so…I’m much better now. I haven’t had any sleep as of yet, but feeling better. Thank you for your prayers, Lyn. I appreciate them more than you know.

  3. alwayzhis

    I am so sorry to hear that again your pain is so intense. I am praying that our Glorious God will give you strength through Him and also for “healing”!!
    Many blessings!

  4. Wayne Augden Post author

    Thank you, Stephanie. I’m better today. I’m tired because I’ve not slept, but pain is much better. I don’t know if it will make sense to anyone but me, but I could actually feel prayers going up before God for me. Thank you for your prayers, Stephanie. They mean a lot to me. To God be the praise and the glory for what He has done.

  5. simplyjuliana

    Wayne, I am just now seeing this! I don’t know where this pain is coming from but in the Name of Jesus and all our Saviour represents I know where it has to go! I thank you Father in the might name of Jesus, Wayne is healed and whole and his body functions to perfection! I thank you your word says by the stripes of Jesus we ARE healed! I thank you you word says it is Your will that we prosper and REMAIN in health just as our souls prosper! You said NO evil would befall us and you would give your angels charge over us to keep us in ALL of our ways! You said in Psalm 91 NO EVIL would befall us and NO PLAGUE can come nigh our dwelling! I apply the word of God and faith to Wayne and I thank you Father IT IS A DONE WORK. I plead the blood of Jesus over Wayne from the top of his head to the souls of his feet and satan cannot transgress that blood line! He is covered and protected and I curse this thing to the root and command it to go! Thank you Father you have heard and done all we have believed you for!! In Jesus name I pray….AMEN!

  6. Wayne Augden Post author

    Thank you, Sister. I’m feeling much better, and I could feel the prayers going up for me. I receive that healing word, and thank you for bringing it to our Almighty God. I give praise and glory to Him, and to His Son, by whose stripes I am healed…Thank you again, and I appreciate the kindness you’ve always shown me. You are a blessing to me, too. 🙂


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